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How to Update Instagram on Your iPhone or Android (2024)

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Having trouble updating your Instagram app on your mobile device?

Don’t worry. 

We are here for your rescue.

Instagram frequently pushes out new updates to fix bugs or to add any new features within the platform.

And if you don’t keep your Instagram updated, you’ll not only miss out on the brand new features that Instagram introduces, but it will also open up security threats for your account.

So, if you don’t want to get left behind and keep your account safe from hackers, keep reading this post.

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In this post, we’ll show you, how to update Instagram app on your Android or iPhone device within a minute by following some simple steps.

Let’s get started.

How to Update Instagram on iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user and you’re confused about how you can update your Instagram app manually, here’s what you have to do:

Step 1. Head over to your App Store and search for “Instagram.”

Instagram app update

Alternatively, you can also click on your profile icon, and you’ll see a list of all the apps within your iPhone that need an update.

Step 2. Now, simply click on the “Update” button, and your Instagram app will be successfully updated.

How to update Instagram

Apart from that, you can also turn on automatic updates for your Instagram app. We’ll show you later in this post how you can do that.

How to Update Instagram on Android

If you’re an Android user, the process for updating your Instagram app within an Android device is quite similar to the previous steps we’ve just shared.

Here’s how you can update your Instagram app on your Android device:

Step 1. Head over to your Play Store and search for the “Instagram” App.

Instagram app

Step 2. Then, hit the “Update” button that you can see right beside the Instagram name. If you’re not getting the update option, you probably already have the latest version of the app installed.

Update Instagram on Android

That’s how easy it is to update Instagram on Android or any other device.

On top of that, just like on iPhone, you can also enable auto-updates for your Instagram app on Android devices as well. We’ll show you how to do that later in this post.

How to Turn On Automatic Update For Instagram (Android & iPhone)

Now that you know how to manually update Instagram on both Android and iPhone devices, let’s see how you can automate this whole process so you can use the latest version of Instagram all the time without manually updating it.

Manually updates are good, but most of the time, we tend to forget about checking whether Instagram has released a new update or not.

And most importantly, it’s super time-consuming.

Enabling auto updates on your Insta app will not only save you time, but you’ll also never miss out on any updates that Instagram releases.

But the question is: how to turn on automatic updates for Instagram?

We’ll show how you can do that on both Android and iPhone devices separately.

Firstly, let’s have a look at how to enable auto updates on iPhone:

Step 1. Head over to your phone settings and scroll down until you find an option for “App Store.”

iPhone app store settings

Step 2. Click on “App Store” and then toggle the button for “App Updates” and “Automatic Downloads” to enable automatic app updates on your phone.

iPhone automatic Instagram update

Remember, you can’t enable automatic updates for just one app. You would have to enable this option for your whole device.

If you use an Android device, here’s how you can turn on automatic app updates on your device:

Step 1. Click on your profile icon, and go to your settings.

Play Store settings

Step 2. On the settings page, click on “auto-update apps” under the network preferences section.

Auto update Instagram app on Android

Step 3. Now, you would have to select whether you want auto updates over WiFi only or over any network.

Auto update apps

Once you select this, automatic updates will be enabled on your device.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, remember the automatic update features apply to all your apps. It’s completely impossible to enable auto-app updates for just one particular app.

Why Can’t I Update My Instagram?

Have you tried and followed all the methods we’ve shared but still can’t update your Instagram?

This could happen due to multiple reasons.

Let’s look at some of the possible reasons why you’re not able to update your Instagram app on your device.

No Updates Are Available

The most common and funny reason would be that there are literally no updates available right now.

And if Instagram hasn’t launched a new update, how can you update your app?

It’s impossible.

So, if you’re not seeing the update option on the App Store or Play Store, most probably, your app is already updated to the latest version, and Instagram hasn’t really released something new yet.

However, on both the App Store and Play Store, you can clearly see when was the last launched Instagram update.

Poor or Unstable Internet Connection

Another reason why you’re unable to update the IG app could be a poor or unstable internet connection.

If you have an unstable connection, it will take too much time to update the app.

Or worse, sometimes the update feature doesn’t even work due to poor internet connection.

So, you can either open up apps like YouTube to see if videos are running smoothly, or you can run an internet speed test to check your internet speed.

Always update your app when you have the highest internet speed available.

Insufficient Storage Space

Another common reason for this issue could be insufficient storage space on your device.

Mostly, if you have insufficient storage, you’ll get a popup with a warning that you have insufficient storage, and you will have to clear some space to update or install a particular app, depending upon the size of the app.

If you get any of these types of notifications, try to free up your storage space and try again later.

This should most probably solve the issue for you.

FAQs Related to Updating Instagram

Can Instagram Update Automatically?

Yes, you can update Instagram automatically without manually updating it every time. On both iPhone and Android devices, you’ll get an option to enable auto-updates for your apps. But remember, you can’t just enable auto-updates for a particular app. You would have to enable the auto-update feature for all the apps within your device.

Do Instagram Updates Affect My Profile or Content?

No, Instagram updates don’t affect or make changes to your profile or any of your content. Instagram releases new updates to add new platform features and fix bugs or security issues.

Will Updating Instagram Affect My Account Settings?

No, Updating Instagram will not affect your account settings, and it will as it is.

How Often Should I Update Instagram?

Mostly, you should try to update your Instagram app as soon as there’s a new update. This will help you stay safe from any hacking threats, and you can enjoy the new features and improvements within the platform.

What if I Encounter Errors During an Update?

We’ve never really experienced any errors during an update. You won’t face these issues if you have a stable internet connection and free storage on your device. But if you’re still facing issues while updating your app, you can contact the Instagram support team.

Do I Need to Pay for Instagram Updates?

No, you do not have to pay for Instagram updates. It’s completely free of cost.

Is It Safe to Update Third-Party Instagram Apps Too?

Using third-party Instagram apps itself is not a safe thing. But still, if you want, you can update third-party Instagram apps, too.

What if I Don’t Like the New Update? Can I Downgrade?

Unfortunately, even if you don’t like the new update, you can’t really downgrade to the older version of the Instagram app.

Can I update Instagram without Play Store?

No, it’s not safe to update your Instagram app without a Play Store. We only suggest updating your apps from the Play Store or App Store itself.

How long does it take for Instagram to update?

It’s almost an instant process and doesn’t take more than a minute to update your Instagram app, depending on your Internet speed.


We hope now you have a clear idea of how to update Instagram app manually on your iPhone and Android device.

You should always keep your Instagram app updated to get all the latest features and keep your account secure from any security threats.

You can also enable auto-app updates on your device if you don’t want to manually update your app every time a new update comes out.

If you face any issues after updating your app, you can either uninstall and reinstall the app or restart your device.


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