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How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile? (2024)

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Do you want to see who viewed your Twitter profile?

You might. 

Maybe that’s why you’re reading this post.

At some point, everybody wants to know who’s been stalking them on social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we all wonder if someone is keeping an eye on what we post, likes, or followers. 

While there are various things you can find out on platforms like Twitter, such as likes, retweets, and comments, it’s impossible to know who viewed your Twitter profile

Although there are some alternative apps and services you can try to see your stalkers, they are hardly reliable. 

So, can you see who viewed your Twitter profile? Is there any workaround available? If yes, are they trustworthy?

Well, we’ve cupboard all your questions in this post. Also, you’ll learn what kind of information you can access from Twitter regarding your profile. 

So, buckle up and start reading! 

Can You See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile?

The answer to this question is – No. You can’t see who visited your Twitter profile

Twitter’s privacy policy is far different than Linkedin. Linkedin allows you to see who clicks on your profile. But, Twitter doesn’t share any information about who visits your Tweets or profile. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t see any type of interaction on Twitter. The platform lets you see who likes, retweets, and comments on your tweets. Also, you can see who followed you on Twitter or mentioned you in another post. 

Most importantly, Twitter lets you see how many people have seen your profile per month. However, you have to use Twitter analytics to see the number of profile visits and other details of your tweets (impressions, mentions). 

How to Use Twitter Analytics to See How Many People Viewed Your Twitter Profile

As we mentioned earlier, Twitter won’t allow you to see who viewed your Twitter profile. 

However, you can use Twitter analytics to analyze your tweets’ performance and overall profile. You can see the total number of profile visits, tweet impressions, and mentions. 

And to open Twitter Analytics, you can follow the steps below: 

  • Open Twitter on your browser and log into your account
  • Click on the More option on the left side of your screen.

Twitter settings

  • Then, click on the Analytics option, and Twitter will redirect you to the analytics page
  • Next, turn on the Analytics button to let Twitter keep track of the profile visits. 
  • After a month, you can see how many times people visited your profile, the number of tweet impressions, and mentions. 

Twitter analytics tracks all these metrics every month. Using these analytics, you can also track top-performing posts and followers of the month. 

Using these insights, you can understand which Twitter strategy is working and which strategy needs some improvement. 

Best Twitter Analytics Tools to See How Many People Visited Your Profile

An alternate way you can check how many people visited your profile is through Twitter Analytics tools. There are some great social media monitoring tools available online that let you track your Twitter account‘s activity like a pro. 

Let’s check out some of these tools: 

1. Hootsuite


With Hootsuite, you can avoid using Twitter’s in-built Analytics and track your Twitter profile in an organized way. Hootsuite’s Twitter Analytics lets you gather accurate data on the number of profile visits, number of followers gain, number of retweets, most popular tweets, trends for the week, and many more. 

Stop switching between social media platforms, as Hootsuite lets you track all social media accounts in one place. 

You can also track your Twitter profile’s metrics by creating and exporting custom reports. You can set benchmarks and get insights on your Twitter campaign ROI.  

The best part is, Hootsuit’s clean and intuitive dashboard. Using this dashboard, you’ll have a seamless experience while keeping track of all the social media channels. 

The tool also allows you to see your most liked tweets. With this information, you can figure out which type of tweets will work in the future to gain more engagement. 

Hootsuite comes with a subscription-based pricing model. You can choose a business or professional subscription based on your account’s preference. 

Key Features:

  • Seamless post scheduler
  • Monitor various social media channels
  • Quality dashboard
  • Robust analytics
  • Task assignment feature
  • Content library

2. Sprout Social

Sprout social

With Sprout Social’s Twitter analytics, you can view the number of clicks, retweets, profile visits, and impressions. You can use these analytics to identify which tweets are conversational and reach new audiences. 

Sprout Social helps you benchmark performance with comparison reporting. For instance, you can compare two of your own Twitter profiles side by side to track their performance. You can also compare your Twitter profile with your competitors and gather a comparison report. 

Moreover, you can customize multiple Twitter profile reports to identify followers’ growth, engagement, and content performance. With Sprout Social’s Trends Report feature, you can see top hashtags and topic trends. 

You can try Sprout Social for free with a 30-day trial. And as you grow your Twitter profile, upgrade with the professional or Advanced pricing model

Key Features:

  • Advanced post scheduler
  • Multi-profile publishing
  • Content calendar
  • Message drafting
  • Review management
  • Task assignment
  • Seamless integrations

3. Tweepsmap


Tweepsmap is an excellent alternative to Hootsuite and Sprout Social. This all-in-one Twitter analytics tool, helps you analyze different demographics like Twitter followers, profile visits, total post impressions, and engagement. 

The unique and easy-to-navigate dashboard of Tweepsmap helps you gather insights about trending topics, the best time to tweet, followers’ interests and sentiments, and many more. Using this dashboard, you can understand your tweets’ engagement and how your audience interacts with your posts. 

Along with the intuitive dashboard, the tool also lets you segment your Twitter followers through keywords and filters. You can even export the data to keep track of your profile’s performance. 

What’s more, Tweepsmap allows location-focused analysis of any influencers or account. You can gather data on competitors, influencers, and potential leads to advance your brand campaigns. 

You can access all the basic features and schedule up to 10 posts with the free plan. However, if you want to upgrade, go with the premium plans offered by Tweepsmap. 

Key Features:

  • Automated publishing
  • Multi-account management
  • Customer segmentation
  • Post scheduling
  • Robust reporting 
  • Keyword filtering

Are Apps And Services That Show Who Visited Your Twitter Profile Fake?

None of the third-party apps services that claim to show you who visited your Twitter profile is legit.  

When you install and run these apps, they ask you to deposit money or redirect you to another page or app. And they never show you exactly who visited your profile. In short, these apps are totally fishy, and you shouldn’t rely on them

Just like the third-party apps, some browser extensions also claim to show your profile visitors. Again, these tall claims by third-party apps, extensions, or other services are false

These extensions are designed in a way that can easily steal your profile information by sending malware to the device you’re using. For security reasons, it’s best to avoid these extensions

However, there are few browser extensions available out there that notify you when any Twitter user visits your profile. But, they only send you a notification if the user who visited your Twitter profile uses the same extension as you.

Now it’s hard to tell if these extensions have access to your personal information. So, there’s always a concern for data breaches or hacking. So, we will recommend you not to use such apps and services. 

Wrapping Up

While it would be nice to see who viewed your Twitter profile, there’s no way you can tell. After all, Twitter puts users’ privacy as their priority. 

And not just Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and most social media platforms don’t offer this feature to see who checks your profile. The only exception is Linkedin. 

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Twitter won’t tell you any information regarding your profile. You can still access valuable information using Twitter Analytics and other social media tools.

So, keep experimenting to figure out which tools work the best to gather insights on your Twitter profile. And let us know your experience in the comments below.


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