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How to Unfriend or Remove a Friend on Snapchat

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There are a few reasons why you might want to unfriend someone on Snapchat. Maybe they’re constantly sending you unwanted snaps, or maybe you just don’t want to keep up with them anymore. 

Unfriending someone on Snapchat is a great way to keep your social media account clean and clutter-free. After all, why waste your time on someone who isn’t worth your attention? 

And if you have been faced with the dilemma of how to remove a friend on Snapchat, it can be a tricky process. 

But we’ve got your back!  

In this post, we’ve shared some easy steps to break ties with someone on Snapchat in no time.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Will Someone Know if You Unfriend or Remove Them on Snapchat?

Like any other social media platform, Snapchat doesn’t notify the person you unfriended. Your friend on Snapchat won’t realize they’ve been removed from your friend list. 

However, if your friend decides to do a little digging and try to send you a message or Snap, they’ll understand you’ve unfriended them. 

What Happens When you Unfriend Someone on Snapchat?

When you unfriend a friend from Snapchat, they’ll be removed from your friend list. They will no longer have access to any of your Charms or private Stories. Also, they won’t be able to see your Snap Map location. 

After unfriending or removing someone, they’ll lose access to your Snap Score and Cameos Selfies. And since you’ve removed them from your friend list, you won’t be able to view their chat history. If you unfriend someone during a live chat, all of the Snaps will become pending. 

However, if you’ve set your Snapchat profile public, they may still be able to view your content. Also, they’ll have access to only a portion of your profile. 

Even after removing someone from your friend list, they can still search your profile on Snapchat. They can also see your profile in the friend suggestions and send you a friend request again.

So if you don’t want someone to have that access as well, you can simply block them from your Snapchat profile.

How to Unfriend or Remove a Friend on Snapchat (iPhone)

If you’re an iPhone user, follow the steps mentioned below to unfriend or remove someone on Snapchat. 

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app on your iPhone device.

Step 2: Tap on the chat icon at the bottom of your screen.

Step 3: Find the contact you wish to unfriend from the chat list. Then, long press on the chat. 

Step 4: From the menu, tap on the Manage Friendship option. 

Manage friendship on snapchat

Step 5: Now tap on Remove Friend.

Remove friend on snapchat

Step 6: A pop-up menu will ask you to confirm your action. Tap on the Remove button once again to confirm.

unfriend someone on snapchat

That’s it! Now your friend will be unfriended or removed from your friend list. 

How to Unfriend or Remove a Friend on Snapchat (Android)

The chat screen method we mentioned above to unfriend someone on Snapchat works on both iPhones and Android. 

However, if the chat screen method doesn’t work on your Android, you can try the My Friends screen method to unfriend a person on Snapchat. 

Here’s how you can do that: 

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app on your Android or iPhone device and press the Bitmoji icon on the top left side. 

Step 2: Now scroll down until you find the My Friends option under the Friends section. 

Step 3: Look for the person you want to unfriend or remove by scrolling through your friend list. You can also search for that person by typing their name at the top of the search bar. 

Step 4: When the contact appears on your search result, tap on the Bitmoji icon of the person you wish to unfriend. 

Step 5:  A pop-up menu will appear on your screen; from there, tap on Manage Friendship

Manage friendship

Step 6: Another pop-up menu will appear on your screen; from there, select Remove Friend

Remove friend on snapchat

Step 7: In the next popup, tap Remove to complete the process. 

unfriend someone on snapchat

Can Someone Still Message You on Snapchat if You Unfriend Them?

It depends on your Snapchat account’s privacy settings. 

In your account’s privacy settings, there’s a “Who Can” feature available. With this feature, you can decide who can contact you on Snapchat with Snaps, calls, and messages. 

Under the “who can” section, if you select the option “Everyone,” anyone can send you a message or GIFs on Snapchat even after removing them from the friend list. 

But, if you choose the “My friends” option, only your friends on Snapchat will be able to send you Snaps and messages.

How Do You Know If Someone Removed You on Snapchat?

You would not get any notification if someone unfriended you on Snapchat. That’s why you can follow the steps mentioned below to find out who has removed you from their friend list: 

  • If you suspect a friend has removed you, search for that friend’s name and tap on their profile. 
  • Now check if you can see their Snap score under their username. 
  • If the Snap score isn’t visible, there’s a good chance they’ve unfriended you. 
  • You can also try sending a Snap or text to that person. If the message remains pending, you can confirm that your friend has unfriended you from their friend list. 

Wrapping Up

It’s important to remember that unfriending someone isn’t always easy, and there may will be some fallout. But if you’re sure it’s the right decision for you, this guide is everything you’ll need. 

Unfriending or removing someone on Snapchat is just as easy as unfriending someone on any other social media platform. Simply follow the steps we’ve mentioned in this post, and you’ll be all set.

And if you face any issues while unfriending someone on Snapchat, make sure to let us know in the comments. 


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