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How to Get Endorsements on LinkedIn in 2024 (5 Strategies)

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LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and provides benefits to all sorts of users, whether you’re a business owner, recruiter, freelancer, employed, or job seeker. 

Depending upon your profession, you can use LinkedIn to build a professional network to grow your career. There are countless features of LinkedIn and here are some most important uses of LinkedIn: 

  • Connect with co-workers, like-minded people all over the world.
  • Work with recruiters to hire talent for your business.
  • Look for jobs, apply directly from LinkedIn and land your dream job.
  • Build your personal or business brand and offer services. 
  • Find clients and work with them on freelance projects.
  • Grow your business using LinkedIn marketing tactics.

So using LinkedIn, you can perform many activities to grow your career, business, or personal brand. To do so, LinkedIn provides you with a long list of features and LinkedIn endorsements are one of those features. 

Want to know what is LinkedIn endorsements, their benefits, and how to get them?

If so, then look no further. In this guide, we will discuss detailed insights about LinkedIn endorsements and we’ll also show you how to get endorsements on LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn Endorsement?

LinkedIn endorsement is a quite useful feature through which your first-degree connections can validate your skills. 

Linkedin Endorsements

Keep in mind that LinkedIn endorsements differ from recommendations. 

Linkedin recommendations are written testimonials given by the professionals with whom you’re working or worked in the past. Through recommendations, professionals can recommend you for a job or project based on their work experience with you.

But endorsements are a quick and easy feature that your connections can use to strengthen the validity of your skills. 

To build a strong and successful LinkedIn profile, both features are useful. 

The recommendation is time taking process as a written note is required for this. So your connections can use the LinkedIn endorsement feature to quickly validate your skills with just one click. 

All they need to do is they have to visit your LinkedIn profile to explore your skills. And after that, they have to simply hit the endorse button for the skills that they know you’re good at. 

This is how easily your connections can give endorsements to your LinkedIn skills. 

How LinkedIn Endorsements Can Help You In Your Professional Career? 

LinkedIn is all about building professional connections and networking with them. It helps you to engage with other professionals all over the world. 

LinkedIn provides you with all the necessary features and options that you ever need to build a professional career. LinkedIn endorsements are one of those features. 

The endorsement feature is simple yet useful to a build professional career on LinkedIn. 

Here is how it can help you. 

Appear in LinkedIn Searches: You can rank high in LinkedIn searches for those skills for which you have a solid number of endorsements. In this way, you can gain more visibility and more recruiters can directly reach out to you for new opportunities. 

Boosts Weightage of Your Profile: You can add skills in your LinkedIn profile as per your areas of expertise. And your connections can validate your skills using the endorsement feature. Endorsements help to boost the weightage of your LinkedIn profile. 

Stand Out From the Crowd: Endorsements can also help you to make your profile more competitive. For every single opportunity, a huge number of applications are there. To beat the competition, make the best use of Linkedin skills and endorsements feature. 

How to Get Endorsements on LinkedIn (5 Strategies) 

Before you know how to get endorsements on Linkedin, make sure that the skills and endorsements section is added to your LinkedIn profile. And you should have skills added to your LinkedIn profile, only then your connections can endorse your skills. 

If the skills are not added yet to your LinkedIn profile, then here is how you can add them,   

  • Navigate to your LinkedIn account and tap on your profile icon from the top bar.

How to get endorsements on linkedin

  • Select the “view profile” option. 
  • Click on the “add profile section” button. 

Add skills on linkedin

  • Open the core menu and select the “add skills” option. 

Add skills on linkedin

  • From here, you can add skills based on your profession. Click on the + icon and start adding skills. 

Add skills on your Linkedin Profile

Once skills are added, make sure endorsements are ON for your LinkedIn profile. Follow the below steps to manage your endorsements settings. 

  • Visit your LinkedIn profile page and scroll down to find the skills section.
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit skills. 

Enable linkedin endorsements

  • Tap on three dots and select endorsements settings. 

Enable Linkedin Endorsements

  • Now manage your settings for how you want to receive and gain endorsements. Make sure to turn the endorsements option ON in order to get them. 

Now you’re all set to get endorsements on LinkedIn. 

Following are the  5 strategies that you can implement to get more endorsements on LinkedIn. 

Let’s have a look at these strategies!

1. Make Sure to Add Only Relevant Skills

Using the LinkedIn skills section, you can add a maximum of 50 skills to your profile to showcase your abilities and expertise. A long list of skills will not help you to build credibility if the skills are not matching with your profession.

So, while adding skills, be choosy and add only those skills which best represent your profession and personality. 

Be careful while adding skills!

Skills play an important role in building a professional career, so keep your skills relevant and up-to-date. Relevant skills help you to get the right endorsements for your LinkedIn profile. 

Having the right skills is far better than having a huge number of irrelevant skills, as quality is more important than quantity. 

Whenever you earn new skills, add them to your LinkedIn profile to keep your profile up-to-date. Also, remove skills from your LinkedIn profile that are no more relevant to your career or add value to your profile. 

In this way, whenever your connections visit your profile for endorsements, they will see only a list of relevant skills. Out of these relevant skills, they can endorse you and this is how you can get the right endorsements for your LinkedIn profile.

2. Ask Your Friends or Colleagues to Endorse You

When it comes to getting endorsements, you can start with asking your friends or colleagues as it is a simple and most effective way. Because they know what skills you have, what are your areas of expertise and how much knowledge do you have on that particular subject.

You can reach your friends or colleagues through private messages. Tell them that you’re building a professional profile on LinkedIn and seeking for endorsements to validate your skills. 

Don’t use straightforward ways for asking endorsements instead use some effective sentences. 

You can use sentences like “We’re in a network for a long-time so you know my best areas of expertise, so if you can endorse my skills on LinkedIn it would be a big plus for me”. 

3. Endorse Other People

The best and most effective way to get endorsements is to start giving endorsements to your connections on LinkedIn. When you endorse other people, in return, they can also endorse your skills.

And this is how you can initiate the process of getting endorsements on LinkedIn. 

But while giving endorsements, be honest and only endorse the skills that you think they’re good at. Don’t start giving endorsements without knowing their abilities just for the sake of getting endorsements. 

If you’re giving fake endorsements, then it can also break your reputation on the LinkedIn platform. 

So what you can do to give the right endorsements?

The best way to give endorsements is to check out your connections’ list on LinkedIn. And Look for people: 

  • Whom you already know.
  • Whose content you consume on a daily basis. 
  • Or with whom you have worked professionally.

Then find out the skills that they hold as per your experience with them and follow the below steps to give LinkedIn endorsements to them. 

  • Visit the LinkedIn profile of your connection whose skills you want to endorse. 
  • Navigate to the skill section of that person’s profile. 
  • Explore the skills and click on the endorse button to give endorsements.

That’s all that you need to do to give endorsements on Linkedin to others. Once they receive endorsements, there are chances that in return they can also endorse your skills.

4. Start Posting Helpful Contents on LinkedIn

Content creation is the most powerful way to drive fruitful results from digital platforms, including LinkedIn as well. All you need to do is figure out your goal, create content around it, engage with your target audience and enjoy your results. 

Now your goal is to get endorsements on LinkedIn. 

And by posting helpful and high-quality content related to your profession can give your connections a reason to endorse your skills.  

Make sure to post relevant content with consistency so that people come to know that you’re a master in your profession. Once you build trust among your audience, there will be a high chance that they will endorse your skills. 

Or you can also include a relevant call to action in your content to get more endorsements for your skills.

5. Ask Others to Give Endorsement

You can also reach out to your clients or managers for endorsements. Once you complete your project or internship, then get in touch with the concerned person and ask them to give endorsements based on their work experience with you. 

You can also ask your previous employers or your teammates to endorse your skills. 

This is how you can boost endorsements using different LinkedIn tactics. Follow these steps to get LinkedIn endorsements for your skills. 

Can Anyone Endorse You on LinkedIn? 

No! Only first-degree connections can endorse your skills on LinkedIn. 

But why only first-degree connections?

Because LinkedIn is all about building a professional network and people who’re in your network best know your skills, abilities, and experiences. 

People who are outside of your network may or may not know you and your abilities. So that’s why LinkedIn only allows your first connections to endorse your skills to keep your endorsements real and effective. 

As a LinkedIn user, you’re also only eligible to endorse the skills of others who are in your first connection. 

How Many Endorsements Do You Need to be Highly Skilled on LinkedIn? 

There is no specific number of endorsements that you need to appear as a highly-skilled person in your profession. But more endorsements definitely add more weightage and validity to your LinkedIn profile. 

But never forget quality matters more than quantity!

A long list of irrelevant endorsements does not give any proof of your expertise or abilities. As we have discussed above, add only relevant skills to get the right endorsements for your LinkedIn profile. 

Two relevant endorsements put more impact than twenty irrelevant endorsements. So don’t just focus on getting a high number of endorsements instead look for relevant endorsements as these can add more value to your LinkedIn profile. 

Do Recruiters Look at LinkedIn Endorsements?

The recruiters may or may not pay attention to endorsements as it totally depends on their recruitment process. 

But why lose any chance of grabbing the attention of a recruiter?

For every single opportunity, competition is at a high peak, so miss no chance to stand out from your competitors. 

Let suppose if the recruiter is looking for a skill and you have a solid number of endorsements for that skill, then it can attract the eyes of a recruiter. And it may help you to stand out from other profiles in your profession. 


LinkedIn endorsements are helpful to add more credibility, validity, and weightage to your profile. Endorsements are also useful for LinkedIn profile SEO and there are more chances to appear on LinkedIn search results for related keywords. 

Place the endorsements section at the top of your LinkedIn profile so that people can easily see your endorsed skills. 

We have discussed 5 strategies to get endorsements on LinkedIn, go ahead and implement these strategies to see the actual results. 

When you get an endorsement, LinkedIn will inform you via email or LinkedIn notification, provided that your notifications alerts are ON.  

Manage your time and say thanks to those who endorsed your skills. In this way, you can build a long-lasting professional connection with them and that person can endorse your other skills in the future as well. 


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