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How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story (2024)

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We all know what Instagram is.

500 million people use Instagram daily. Or at least, more than 90% of people do! 

These stats are enough to prove the popularity of Instagram.

We were locked in our houses for a major part of the last two years, struggling to cope with the new reality dawning on us. Social media apps have been a blessing in disguise, helping us take breathers that we desperately need. 

This has also resulted in many people stepping up and embracing their creative side and showcasing it on Instagram. 

A lot of people started new ventures, businesses, or started creating content regularly. With multiple trends going around regularly and an increase of 13.8% in the average time spent by users on Instagram, things have been pretty good for this platform. 

With everything taken into account, there are so many features offered by Instagram that can make your Instagram game solid. Be it reels, pictures, videos, Instagram stories, hashtags, lives – anything. Not only this but there are always multiple things going on within these options to make your Instagram page more creative and interactive. 

Let’s take Instagram stories, for instance. It has so much to offer – backgrounds, stickers, polls, multiple pictures, collages. More and more people are focusing on making their Instagram stories fun, authentic, and interactive. 

In this article, we will talk about how to change the background of your Instagram story and make it fun and interactive. 

Let’s dig in.

How to be Creative with your Instagram Story?

Instagram stories reach around 500 million people in a day – meaning, you cannot ignore this.

You must have noticed that when you post or create a story, Instagram automatically gives you a background, either single or gradient of two or three colors. A few times, it suits your story, but most of the time, it will not come off as super interactive or pleasing to look at. 

The same thing goes when an individual reposts. When you repost any of the stories you mention, you get a blurred, plain background and nothing else. Here are some ways how you can be creative with your Instagram stories: 

  • Stickers

Instagram stickers are something that helps you to make your story look cool and catchy with just simple and easy steps. There are a lot of sticker options available for the Instagram stories on Instagram itself. Not just stickers, but you can also add GIFs to your story to make it more actionable. 

Stickers are quite popular right now and can be used to engage your friends and followers. Examples will be questioned/answered, gifs, polls, etc. This game sticker also gives you many templates like a quote of the day, the top three accounts you follow, etc.

There is a sticker for donation, which allows supporting non-profitable organizations, content creators, entertainers, or small businesses. It lets you ask your followers for a donation for a good cause or helping someone in need. 

  • Collages

Another tactic to make your Instagram story creative is collages. You must have noticed a trend going around of putting collages over Instagram stories by multiple Instagram influencers. And who wants to go out of the trend, right? 

Following that, others also have been making collages and putting them as their story. For this collage, Instagram gives you a feature called layout, in which you can put two to eight pictures for the college, according to your choice. 

You can also make your stories creative by using collages; you just need to add or click photos and adjust the pictures accordingly to make them look good. One could also make a collage on their own by playing around with the background color of the Instagram collage stories. 

  • Pre-Made Templates

A pre-made template for the Instagram story is a great tool for brand promotions, and again a great way to engage your followers. By using an Instagram template for your stories, you can bring in all your brand identity’s elements together easily – be it fonts, colors, or maybe specific graphics or logo for your brand. 

You can save so much time with pre-made templates as you don’t have to spend all the time choosing designs, looks, and how to present your next story. There are many options for templates, and you can change the background color of the pre-made template and customize it as well. 

  • Aesthetic Videos/Images

Aesthetics are in and are running the show from quite some new. Hence, proving that the Aesthetic Obsession is real! To be fair, aesthetic videos are attractive and soothing to watch – something you can watch on a loop. You can leverage this in a way to be useful for you. 

You can also use Instagram’s various filters’ to turn a normal video into an aesthetic video. There are a lot of features to edit your video over Instagram only; there is no need left to go for any other app for editing

  • Background Color

Changing the background color of the Instagram story makes it pop! Everyone is now much more creative with their ideas on social media. The influencers are setting new trends and are getting hyped and followed religiously. 

One of those trends is being creative with Instagram stories. 

One way to be unique with the story on Instagram is the transparent background color. Click on the marker to choose your favorite color, and then hold on to the screen for a transparent background and leave it on the phone screen. 

You can also choose a color from the picture you had taken for the story. And then, you can erase the part of the picture you want to show. If by mistake you over-erased the transparent background, you can undo it. Read on to find more on how you can change the background color of your Instagram story. 

How to Change the Background Color On Instagram Story?

On your Instagram story, go to your profile icon, and long-press on your profile icon to the ‘add to your story’ option. 

Then, select an image or video from the ‘add image’ icon to add an image and click a snap for your story. And you can use your two fingers to adjust the size of the photo. 

Next, you get to see that the background color of your story is selected by default

Instagram chooses that color for your story by analyzing what will suit you best, but most of the time, it doesn’t match our idea and creativity. 

However, you can easily change this. When it comes to changing the background color of your Instagram story, there are two ways on how you can do this:

1. Use the Pen Tool

Use pen tool to change Background in Instagram

To change the background color to the desired solid background color, follow the steps given below:

  • Press on the marker icon and select the sharpie tool. 
  • Select any color you like for the background of your story from the color palette bottom of the screen. 
  • Next, long press on any color, and by holding on, you will get the mixed color palette. 
  • This will change the background of the story, except you have now also covered the image. If you want the image/text to be visible, you need to put in a tad bit more effort. 
  • Use an eraser tool to erase over the image. Now, you can see the image there. 
  • If you make any mistake while erasing, you could undo it by undoing the tool. 

These are the steps to change your Instagram story’s background color if you add any photo from your gallery. But what if you are sharing someone else’s post? 

Similar to above, press on your choice of color and hold on to the screen anywhere. This will change the background color of your story without any problems! Then you can simply change it by using the marker tool and selecting the desired color.

2. Use the Create Tool 

Use create tool to change background color on Instagram

Using the create tool option to change the background color of the story is the second way of changing it. This is how you can change your Instagrams story’s background color:

  • Go to your profile, and click the Instagram icon to get access to the story menu/
  • Click on create the icon, which would be on the left side of the screen.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you would see so many options for your story like write, GIF, QuestionAnswers, etc. Go with the text option.
  • Go to the scribble icon on the top of the screen.
  • Choose a highlighter or a pen, depending on if you want the background color of your story to be translucent or solid. 
  • Choose any color from the color palette available at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Tap on the color, hold it for some time, and release it to see your chosen color as the background. 
  • Save the changes when you are done. 

3. Using a Premade Background

Use a premade template

Using pre-made backgrounds for your Instagram stories is a tactic to make your story pop out a bit more. It is easy as well as attractive. 

So, let’s take a look at the steps to change the background color of your Instagram story with a pre-made background:  

  • Pick or download your background image from any of the suitable sites for you. You can choose an aesthetic image that goes well with your image/text.  
  • Go to the create option on the top right and choose the Instagram story on your home page.  
  • Select the gallery option and choose the picture you want to use as your background color on the bottom left corner. 
  • Use two fingers to expand the picture to cover the complete screen story, and then customize your story. 
  • Save your Changes and post them.  


Instagram stories can be one of the major factors in pulling in more followers, having better engagement rates, and simply increasing your reach. 

Make sure it is creative, intriguing, and something to hook on to or take action from.

I hope now you have a clear idea of how to change the background color on Instagram story.

Which method are you using for changing the background color of your Instagram story? Let us know in the comments below.


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