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How to Block Subreddits on Reddit (Complete Guide)

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A few years before, blocking or filtering specific subreddits on the Reddit app used to be a straightforward process. 

All you had to do was filter specific subreddits on the r/all page. 

But, after Reddit got new updates and launched the newly designed site, blocking subreddits became tricky. 

If you are trying to block a subreddit on the newly designed Reddit app, it might take a bit of effort. 

But don’t worry.

In this post, we’ll show you, how to block subreddits from a mobile or desktop device.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the post! 

What Are Subreddits on Reddit?

Subreddits are basically pages that are based on a particular niche or subject. A subreddit can be about any topic, from science and history to sports and movies. 

You can downvote or upvote a subreddit on Reddit to show how much you like or dislike its content. 

Can You Block an Entire Subreddit?

Reddit’s premium subscription only allows you to block specific subreddit. If you don’t have a premium subscription, there’s no direct option available to block a subreddit on the app. 

However, you can use third-party apps, extensions, or the old Reddit site to filter unwanted subreddits. Let’s learn more about that later in this post. 

How to Block a Subreddit

Use The Old Reddit Version

If you’re no longer interested in a specific subreddit, you can always block it. And the best part is, the old version of Reddit is still there working absolutely fine so that you can easily block any subreddits. 

Here’s how you can block subreddits using the older Reddit version: 

Step 1. Open a browser tab on your mobile or desktop. 

Step 2. Visit and sign in to your account with your Reddit username

Step 3. Now click on All in the top bar to go to the r/all feed

Block subreddits from old reddit

Step 4. On the right side of your screen, you’ll notice the filter subreddit box. Inside the box, type the specific subreddit you want to block. 

Block subreddits on Reddit

Step 5. If you want to block more than one subreddit, click the plus icon next to the filter subreddit box after typing each subreddit. 

Step 6. Once you’ve added all the subreddits you want to block, refresh the page. 

Here’s a heads-up, blocking subreddits from the old Reddit website only disables those subreddit content in the old site. You’ll still get to access all the subreddits whenever you want on the new Reddit site. 

Use Third Party Tool

If you’re thinking blocking subreddits from the old Reddit is too much work, use a third-party blocking tool. 

There are multiple subreddits blocking extensions available online to help you exclude a subreddit in just one click. 

One such tool is Reddit Enhancement Suite, which you can use to block any subreddits without any issue.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Buy Reddit Premium

If you’re not ready to use a third-party tool or the old Reddit, another option you can try is using Reddit’s premium subscription

Reddit premium

Reddit premium, which costs $5.99 per month, comes with the feature to block any subreddit easily. 

But, for this, you have to spend some bucks and buy the premium subscription plan. 

After all, every good thing comes with a cost, right? 

And once you’ve bought the plan, simply block a subreddit by tapping the hammer icon on that specific subreddit. 

How to Block a Subreddit on Mobile (Android & iOS)

Before explaining further, first, you should know that it’s possible to block subreddits on mobile only with the premium subscription. With its premium subscription, you can even filter and block any subreddit from r/popular and r/all. 

So, if you have got a Reddit premium subscription, you can follow the steps below to block a subreddit from your mobile device: 

Step 1. Open the Reddit app on your mobile device. 

Step 2. Tap the three horizontal lines or the Menu button at the upper left corner of your screen. 

Step 3. Now scroll down until you notice the Block Subreddits option under the Settings & Privacy section. 

Step 4. Tap the Block Subreddits option and select the subreddits you wish to block. 

And that’s it! Once you complete the steps, all the subreddits will get blocked immediately. 

Can You Mute Subreddits?

Yes, you can mute subreddits on the Reddit mobile app (Android and iOS). Recently Reddit rolled out this feature so that you can mute content from specific communities you don’t want to see.  

When you mute a subreddit on Reddit, you won’t see posts from it on your home feed recommendations, notifications, or Popular feed. 

However, even after muting a subreddit, you can visit it and post on it. 

For now, Reddit lets you mute up to 1,000 subreddit communities. 

Wrapping Up

We hope now you know how to block subreddits from any mobile or desktop device.

One option is to install a third-party tool, which can help you block content from specific subreddits. 

Another option is to use the old Reddit site, which allows you to block certain subreddit communities.

In addition to these options, you can also consider purchasing Reddit’s premium subscription. With this subscription, you can block subreddits directly from the app.

Overall, there are several ways to block specific subreddits on Reddit, so you can choose the method that works best for you. 

Give these options a try, and let us know how your experience goes.


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