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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot? (2024)

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Remember when you liked an Instagram post so much that you wanted to share it with your friends on another platform?  

Now Instagram doesn’t have any post downloading feature. The only option to share the photo is to screenshot it. 

But platforms like Snapchat always notify users after taking screenshots. So, is it the same with Instagram too? Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story, post, or personal DM? 

If yes, it will be embarrassing, right? 

Well, don’t you worry! Because we’ve got all the answers here.

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In this post, we’ll uncover whether Instagram notify when you screenshot a story or post. And if it does notify, how can you avoid that? 

So, read on to find out. 

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

Instagram Story lasts for only 24 hours. So, if you liked a Story so much that you want to save it for later, the best option is to screenshot it. 

However, if you worry about whether Instagram sends notifications when you screenshot a Story, then relax! 

Because Instagram doesn’t have any feature that lets the other person know you’re taking a screen grab of their Story.

So, without any doubt, screenshot away!  

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Post?

Instagram posts are creative, engaging, and sometimes super valuable. So it’s only natural you’d like to screenshot them. 

But does that mean the person (whose post you’re screenshotting) will get notified by Instagram when you take the screenshot? 

Well, the simple answer is No! 

There’s no way a person will find out whether someone has screenshotted their posts or not. 

After all, the point of Insta posts is to check them out, save them, and share them with others. That’s why Instagram hasn’t introduced any strict safety measures yet.  

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a DM?

Now, if you’re wondering, does Instagram notify when you screenshot a DM or not, we’ve got good news for you.

You don’t have to worry about notifications when it comes to Instagram direct messages. 

When someone sends you normal text, videos, or images in DM, Instagram won’t notify them after taking a screenshot. 

However, Instagram has a DM feature called vanish Mode, where any text or media you send will disappear automatically once the receiver sees it. 

So, if you take a screenshot after activating the Vanish Mode feature, Instagram will display a notification on the main chat page. The notification will look like this: 

Does Instagram notify when you take a screenshot

Does Instagram Notify When You Take Screenshots of The User Profile?

You may want to screenshot an Instagram user profile because the bio looks good. Or perhaps, you liked the aesthetic design of the entire profile. 

Well, whatever your reason is, just like posts, stories, and DMs, Instagram won’t notify the user when you take a screenshot.  

How Not To Get Detected By Instagram For Taking Screenshots

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram won’t notify you if you take a screenshot of the Story, post, or user profile. However, if you take a screenshot of a text or media in Vanish Mode, Instagram will send a notification. 

So, if you want to avoid getting detected by Instagram for screenshotting a disappearing text, 

There are only two ways around this problem:

  1. Use another mobile device or camera to capture the screen. Keep the spare device in your hand, open the disappearing chat, and take a picture of the screen using the extra device. 
  2. Use a screen recording app or your device’s built-in screen recorder to record the text or media.  

You’ll see many posts on the Internet suggesting that enabling Airplane Mode or using a web browser to take a screenshot will help you avoid getting detected.

But the truth is, these hacks don’t work in reality. Even if you turn on Airplane Mode or use a browser while screenshotting, Instagram will catch it and send notifications. 

Wrapping Up 

There you go!

Now you know the secret behind Instagram’s screenshot notification. 

But before signing off, it’s important to tell you that taking a screenshot of another person without their consent is always a breach of privacy.

So, if you want to take a screenshot without sending a notification, make sure to maintain the other user’s privacy. 

And remember to avoid trouble; it’s always better to be honest about this and let the other person know you’re taking a screenshot. 


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