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10 Best Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing (2024)

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Chrome extensions are literally the lifelines of a lot of social media marketers.

They save so much time and get things done SO much quicker, right?

Managing any brand’s social media marketing is a full-time and tedious job. With all the planning, details, and execution – we all deserve some shortcuts!

Yes, or no – I am here to add some more extensions to your list. I am sure that there are already some social media marketing chrome extensions that you use.

Read on to find more!

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing

1. Grammarly

Grammarly chrome extension

Grammatical mistakes are a nightmare! 

Especially if they go on your social media. But spelling and grammatical mistakes happen with everyone, and you cannot afford that because your followers WILL notice. Maybe not the first time, but moving forward if it kept on repeating.

Anything your followers will notice, your client/boss will also notice. And it won’t look so good for you. In walks – Grammarly. Millions of people worldwide use Grammarly’s AI-powered product to make sure that these mistakes don’t happen.

It has a database of more than 16 billion words and sentences. With an 86% accuracy rate, it also gives you a word limit of 150,000 words in one go.

Lucky for us, Grammarly also comes with a chrome extension.

You can add this extension from your chrome store and activate it. After activating it, you will automatically receive suggestions for your grammatical or spelling mistakes, article use, phonetic spelling mistakes, modifier placements, or just irregular verb conjugations.

Sometimes, it also suggests synonyms for some of the words in your sentences for better sentence composition & to make it easier to read for your audience.

Grammarly’s Chrome extension combines the best of both worlds: real-time spelling and grammar checks for anything you type on chrome.


  • High accuracy level
  • 5 device limits 
  • Includes plagiarism in the premium version
  • 1 hour response from support


  • Only supports English

2. LastPass

LastPass chrome extension

The second Chrome extension we have for social media marketing is LastPass. It’s is one of the most easy-to-use and feature-rich password managers in the market. It comes with multiple layers of security and is relatively cheap than most of its alternatives. To ensure the complete safety of all the data, it uses military-grade encryption (256-bit AES).

It comes with a zero-knowledge policy, biometric login option, and multiple two-factor authentication options. Not only this but there are also some other features available on this tool.

LastPass is well-known for its secure password sharing feature. With this feature, you can share your passwords with one more user in the free plan and share with multiple users in their paid plan.

It also comes with a security dashboard that helps to analyze passwords and categorize them as weak, old & duplicate passwords. With the security dashboard, you can also monitor the dark web for any leaked accounts.

LastPass also comes with an automatic password changer feature, which automatically changes the passwords for supported websites without you having to visit them. It also gives you multiple account recovery options, along with the feature to share your vault access to some of your trusted contacts.

LastPass’s browser extension comes with a built-in password generator, along with a button that will redirect you to the security vault/dashboard. With this extension, every time you enter a password, LastPass will offer to save your credentials.

With this extension, LastPass will also automatically fill in your username and password for the websites you revisit. You can access any of LastPass’s features from its extension itself.


  • Huge range of features
  • Cheaper than alternatives
  • 1-1 password sharing
  • 2-Factor authentication
  • Secure storage
  • Multiple user sharing 
  • 1 GB secure cloud storage


  • The free plan does not include advanced security options

3. RiteTag

Ritetag social media marketing chrome extension

Hashtags are essential for your social media reach and growth. Unlike what people might be saying, hashtags are still relevant. And the correct hashtags will get you the right kind of reach – catching the eye of your target audience.

But which is the right hashtag to use? You can’t just keep thinking of hashtags and posting them along with your social media posts (which, by the way, is what many people do – and should not be done!).

This is when RiteTag comes into the picture.

RiteTag is a hashtag grading service launched to pull hashtags for you, according to your requirements, in real-time based on its engagement.

It assesses how often specific hashtags related to your requirement were used, its reach, and how many people interacted with those posts. It’s more or less a hashtag tracking tool.

When using the RiteTag extension, the red-colored icon represents an overused hashtag; the green is for great, blue for good, and gray is for the unused ones. It also provides hashtags for both texts and images. 

You don’t need to make use of multiple websites or tools to research these hashtags. You can use RiteTags’ analytics to see what is the best for you, even after their grades. Only with one click can you know the number of retweets, hashtag favorites, hits & the number of times you have used that hashtag. 


  • Seamless integration
  • Economical pricing structure
  • Intuitive
  • Best hashtag suggestions


  • No longevity
  • Unrealistic query amount

4. VidIQ


Want to have insights to grow your YouTube channel but not sure which tool to use? Make use of VIdIQ’s chrome extension. This extension comes with an extensive range of tools and features. This range includes audience growth, competitor research, YouTube SEO, channel management, and different tools. 

This all-in-one integrated extension will help you save time, increase your organic reach, and earn money. Its dashboard gives you your top devices used to video your video, average view percentage, the top countries, along with other device metrics. 

It also tells you your channel’s performance, different tags that your competitors use, views, likes, and dislikes. The historical tabs show you the views each video has raked in, and the trending tabs tell you about similar videos which are presently getting those views. 

You can also compare these views with competitors or just with yourself. 

Apart from that, you’ll also get a suggested and related keywords list for different YouTube videos you search for with volume, competition, and difficulty on your screen itself. 

You can also know about relevant tags, popular videos, and all the other information you need to create new content – both statistically and theoretically. 


  • YouTube certified platform
  • Free trial period of 30 days
  • Great customer support
  • Comprehensive channel audit
  • YouTube training dedicated academy


  • The mobile app has limited features

5. Todoist

Todoist chrome extension

Todoist is another outstanding chrome extension for social media marketing that allows you to make a personalized to-do list that you can access anytime without disrupting the connection of the tab that is already running. You are enabled to easily check, edit and maintain your lists as you check your goals and complete them. 

This extension was launched in 2008 and is especially used by students, business owners, scheduled workers, and educational institutions. This web browser is available in 19 different languages and has more than 5 billion users currently. 

Todoist extension is helpful when you’re looking to add your piling tasks to a list quickly. It also lets you set your priorities by marking and favoriting your most important tasks first. You can also add sections and subsections along with the recurring dates to make it more detailed. 

One of the major benefits is that it allows you to share your workload with several people by dividing the tasks among other participants in the work field. You can also set notifications while doing this, so every time someone has delegated a task, they will be notified to be sure. 

This extension comes packed with a white-board feature to which labels, filters can further be applied. You can now centralize and simplify work by connecting your tasks to the assigned emails, calendars, and other files as well. 

Your goals are marked and tracked automatically as you set to complete your tasks. This extension helps you view your productivity throughout the week and month to keep you motivated. 


  • Allows you to organize your work in a detailed and clutter-free manner.
  • Its cross-platform versatility allows customers to customize their work easily.
  • It comes with several built-in tools and templates to enhance the usability and performance of the customers.
  • The overlay feature is a bonus since you can continue your current task without neglecting the pending ones. 
  • Users can still access this extension even when their internet is down; therefore, it allows you to work offline as well. 


  • It is not very suitable to be used on mobile devices 
  • Customer support is not easily accessible to users 

6. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

Awesome screenshot & screen recorder

One of the most useful extension tools to be used by more than 2 billion users, Awesome screenshot and screen recorder is an extension that helps you do just what it says. This extension allows you to capture and record a full shot of your current display page. 

This extension does not limit itself when it comes to sharing; you can share your screen recordings and images either directly through screen sharing or use links to do this. The convenience of this extension makes it versatile for use for both personal and business use. 

This extension comes with the option to select your screen, zoom in, zoom out and capture only selected pieces from your screen display as well. The two-in-one feature users seem to love the most since it makes work faster and more convenient. 

With the two-in-one feature, you can easily record your current tab and camera, together as well as separately. This comes with the microphone option that allows you to capture your voice recording along with the screen. 

Moreover, you can embed your camera with your face to include your face in all recorded videos. This extension also comes with selecting the video dimension and quality ranging from 720p to 4k. It is adjustable according to the user’s requirements. 

You will now have the option to share their images and recordings with this extension directly or save and edit for later use. Once the recording is over, you will be provided with a link, which can even be shared directly once you connect with other social accounts like Slack, GitHub, or Jira. 

You can also download the uploaded videos in different formats such as WebM or MP4 or, more conveniently, save them to your drive. Screenshots can be edited in size, presentation, editing out unnecessary information, etc., or by adding on different fonts, texts and highlighting important parts of the screen capture. 


  • Easy usability 
  • Convenient editing and saving 
  • Simplifies editing and sharing  


  • It cannot be used offline 
  • Unavailable for mobile use

7. Giphy

Giphy Chrome extension

Giphy is one of the fun and easy-to-use chrome extension for social media marketing. With the help of Giphy, you will be able to find and add GIFs and other short-looped videos to your emails, notes, and basically, any other files that you prepare online. 

With Giphy, you can now look for appropriate reactions and comments as you go. This extension allows you to search for GIFs categorically, based on emotions, popularity, hashtags, and even filter your GIF with the search option. 

Giphy can be used in any file or document, whether you want to send a quick birthday message or a witty reaction to your colleague. All you have to do is search for your GIF, drag and drop it in an appropriate section, and you’re good to go! 

The convenience of use attracts users the most as they make their work more fun and enjoyable. However, remember to use it in appropriate situations only since GIFs tend to get a little casual for work. 


  • Easy to use 
  • It makes your emails more fun and attention worthy 
  • Wide range of GIF selections to match all your moods


  • It May take time to load without a stable connection 
  • Carries the risk of being used without discretion informal documents 

8. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote web clipper

This simple yet well-built web extension allows you to capture and save images, articles, texts, and even full-length web pages. This allows you to clip anything that falls under your interest. These clippings can be saved for use later or edited and put to use immediately. Other than Chrome, Evernote is also available in Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. 

Without making any site exceptions, it is rounded for use to inspire creators and researchers and more or less acts as a support for capturing pieces from popular pages like LinkedIn, YouTube, Amazon, etc. 


  • It makes your research work simple 
  • It allows you to store your findings more conveniently 
  • Shortens the time required to carry out frequent searches on the same topic 


  • Only available for desktops 
  • One track function 

9. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo chrome extension

This is a web extension that allows you to check the real-time shares of any webpage that you may be on. In addition to displaying the number of engagements on various social platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, and many more, it also displays the Evergreen score of the article. 

This cloud-based extension is appropriately designed to help you look for ongoing trends, find content topics, and create outreach programs based on the recorded consumer patterns that this extension displays. This also helps you find and interact with popular and influential figures, which may help improve your business. 

You can now find popular keywords, discussion topics, customer interests, and basic content that creates a buzz in just a few clicks! 


  • Immediate and relevant results available in a short period 
  • It helps in tracking consumer behaviors, patterns and elevates the production


  • Subscription price may be high for some users 
  • Functionality may create confusion for unfamiliar users 

10. Bitly

Bitly extension

Bitly is a web extension that helps you shorten the URL or the link of any site in concern. Other than its function of simplifying links, that attractive feature is its convenience and simplicity that goes well with any social platform and both formal and informal purposes. Established in 2008, this software has more than 600 million users every month. 

If you are looking to shorten, manage or analyze your links, this serves as the perfect harness tool. These links are shareable and, therefore, efficient in boosting the engagements on your site. 

This link also comes with an auto-branding feature that is useful in helping you take credit for your work and maintaining originality even when the link has been simplified for user convenience. 

Although the free version of this extension gives you access to take full control of your links, you still have the option of upgrading them. This comes with additional features and an increase in the trust rate from users. 

Furthermore, their set-up is user-friendly, and therefore, any problems can be easily directed to the customer care feature on their official website. 


  • User friendly 
  • Appropriate for analytics check 
  • Easy shortening and usage 


  • It does not allow you to edit links once created.
  • It does not allow you to organize links in folders.
  • The pricing scheme may be expensive for some users.

Final word

So these are the top 11 chrome extensions that you can use for social media marketing.

Chrome extensions may be able to shorten your research time consumption, but they must also be safe and secure. It is recommended that users use only those extensions that have their privacy policies listed and data secured. 

Also, be sure to check all the changes in policies that these extensions sites may update now and then. In this way, you will save time and ensure a secure and safe search every time. 

Despite the controversies surrounding unfamiliar extensions, all web extensions tools cannot be put into the same category. Since most of them are trusted sites and render beneficial services to the users. This is why web extensions are so widely used and recommended even within the user’s community. 

If you think we missed any important chrome extensions for social media marketing, please let us know in the comments below!


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