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6 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes (Real & Affordable)

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Are you posting super high-quality videos on your YouTube channel but still not getting enough likes?

Well, you’re not alone.

Getting likes on YouTube videos isn’t a cakewalk, to be honest.

It’s not about hard work all the time.

Sometimes, it also depends on your luck (especially when you’re just starting out).

But who wants to wait for their luck to happen?

You can make your own luck by buying YouTube likes.

And the best part? It doesn’t cost you a fortune.

In this post, we’ll share some of the best sites to buy YouTube likes that are real, authentic, and 100% safe.

So without wasting any further time, let’s dive right in.

6 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes (Safe & Real)

1. GetLikes

Youtube Likes from GetLikes

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy platform to buy YouTube likes for your videos, GetLikes is the solution for you.

GetLikes provides high-quality likes with a 30-day guaranteed refill and top-notch security.

If you’re unsatisfied with their services, you can even get your money back within the 30-days of purchase.

Overall, it’s a decent platform to buy cheap YouTube likes for your YouTube videos.


  • Guaranteed delivery with 30 days unlimited refill
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Cheap rates compared to others in the market
  • Easy and seamless YouTube likes buying process


  • Does not have automatic likes option


They have one of the most affordable pricing out there. The base plan starts at just $2.95 for 100 likes, while the most premium plan costs $98.95 for 10000 likes.

2. Famoid

Famoid Buy Youtube Likes

Famoid is one of the best places to buy YouTube likes that are genuine and risk-free.

It’s super easy to buy likes for YouTube videos on this platform. You just have to choose any package, enter your channel username or link to your video, and make the payment.

Once the payment is made, you’ll instantly start receiving likes on your YouTube videos.

The best thing about this platform is it lets you buy up to 10,000 likes at once. So if you want to buy bulk Youtube likes for any of your YouTube videos from Famoid can be worth considering.


  • If they can’t deliver your order within the fixed time frame, you’ll get a full refund.
  • No account credentials are required to use this service
  • Auto refill for like drops for the next 6 months after your purchase
  • Quick and smooth delivery


  • Slow response from the support team
  • No direct order available, you need to get a custom quote from contact.


The base plan of Famoid for buying YouTube video likes starts at $3.99 for 100 likes, and the most premium plan cost $349 for 10,000 likes.

3. SidesMedia


With hundreds of positive reviews, SidesMedia is also a leading platform to buy YouTube likes at a much more affordable rate.

They provide a 100% guarantee of real likes from genuine accounts that engages with other videos regularly and actively use the platform.

They also have friendly support that you can reach out to whenever needed if you have any confusion or trouble using their services.

They also have a quick delivery guarantee and a 30-day refill program in case you notice any likes drop on your YouTube videos after you purchase any of their plans.


  • Friendly and quick support
  • 30 days guaranteed refill
  • Fast delivery


  • No free trial is available before you purchase anything from them


For 100 likes, you would just have to pay $13, and for 5000 likes, it will cost you $400. 

4. is a great platform to buy real YouTube likes for your videos. Once you purchase any of their plans, likes will start to flow into your videos gradually in the most natural way.

On this platform, You get an option to choose between high-quality likes and active likes.

High-quality likes will be from accounts that have profile pictures, but they’re not much active on the platform.

On the flip side, active likes will come from accounts that are highly active and frequently post on their channel and actively engage with other videos.


  • Choose between the quality of likes based on your preference and budget
  • No password or account credentials required
  • 24/7 friendly support
  • Quick turnaround time


  • Quite expensive compared to other platforms
  • No free trial available on this platform


The pricing for buying YouTube likes starts at $3.99 (for 50 likes) and goes up towards $34.99 (for 1000 likes).

And for active likes, you would have to pay at least 50% more than the base pricing.

5. GetViral

GetViral - buy real YouTube likes

GetViral is making buying YouTube likes a complete cakewalk with its innovative technology and ease of use.

Whether you want 100 likes or 5000 likes on your YouTube videos, you can get it from GetViral.

And the most important part?

All the likes provided by GetViral are 100% genuine and from authentic accounts only.

Apart from that, you can even buy YouTube subscribers, videos, and comments all within this one single platform.


  • You can buy up to 5000 likes at once
  • The highest grade of quality likes that most service providers can’t match
  • Highly secure and safe platform to buy YouTube likes
  • Live chat with customer support 24/7


  • No option to choose gradual delivery to make sure your account stays safe from getting banned


The price to buy YouTube likes at GetViral starts at just $6.99 (for 100 likes), and the higher plan costs $179.99 (for 5000 likes).

6. Stormviews


The last platform we have on this list of best place to purchase YouTube likes is – Stormviews.

Stormviews is a fairly newcomer in the market, but it has quickly gained popularity due to its clean interface design and outstanding quality of social media services.

You can buy high-quality and real YouTube likes for as low as just $3.99.

All the likes they deliver are from real human beings like us (not some crappy bots).

They also have quick and friendly support that will help you throughout your YouTube likes buying process.


  • Get your likes delivered within 24 hours of your purchase
  • Likes from real and active users only
  • No password needed
  • Easy seamless YouTube likes buying process


  • No free trial is provided by the platform


Stormviews offers affordable pricing, starting from only $3.99 for the lowest plan and going up to $34.99 for the highest plan.

Things to Check Before Buying YouTube Likes

If you’re thinking about buying YouTube likes, there are a few important factors you should consider to choose the right service that offers genuine likes instead of bots.

Likes Quality

The quality of likes provided by the platform is the most crucial thing you should check before buying likes from any platform.

Purchasing likes that originate from automated bot profiles could lead to your account being banned if YouTube detects such activity.

However, if you’re buying genuine likes from real accounts used by real humans like us, our account will be in a safer position.


There are a lot of scams going around on the internet.

You’ll find plenty of service providers claiming to provide real YouTube likes, subscribers, and other such YouTube growth services.

But not all of them are genuine and authentic.

They might steal your account credentials or your credit card details if you don’t pay any attention.

That’s why it’s always better to check the authenticity of the service providers and the security measures they take to keep yourself safe from any vulnerabilities.

Authenticity And Reputation

Never buy YouTube video likes from any random platform that pops up on your feed.

Firstly, check the authenticity and reputation of the platform by looking at its years of service, reviews, and process they use to drive likes to your YouTube videos.

Always double-check to make sure you’re choosing the right service provider.

Delivery Time

Everyone wants quick results.

Isn’t it?

But while you’re buying YouTube likes, instant results can be harmful to you.

If your account suddenly receives an unusual amount of likes, this might put your account on the radar of YouTube’ ’s scam activity detector.

That’s why it’s better to choose gradual delivery over Instant delivery while purchasing YouTube likes or any sort of YouTube growth services.

We at Famoid follow a gradual delivery mechanism for all our services that ensures results are getting delivered naturally without triggering the spam detection system.


Pricing is the biggest driving factor behind any purchase.

If you’re on a budget, you have to pick a service that doesn’t make a hole in your pocket without compromising the quality of likes.

But if budget is not a constraint for you, you can choose a service provider based on the above four parameters.

FAQs on Buying YouTube Likes

Where is the best place to buy YouTube video likes?

In this post, we’ve listed some of the best places to buy real YouTube likes at a much more affordable rate. 

You can choose any of the service providers based on your preference and by looking at the pros and cons of the platforms. 

However, if you ask us, we highly recommend UseViral or SidesMedia because they have had an excellent reputation on the market for years. 

But at the end of the day, it’s your choice.

You can choose any of these platforms based on your preferences and budget.

What is the cheapest site to buy likes for YouTube?

Most of the websites we’ve listed to purchase YouTube likes are affordable. Still, if you’re looking for an affordable yet quality service provider, you can choose between Famoid or UseViral.

Can you buy real likes on YouTube?

Yes, you can. The websites we’ve mentioned on this list mostly provide real likes (not bots) from real accounts which are highly active on the platform and consistently engaging with other YouTube videos.

You can choose any of these service providers without any second thought to get likes for your YouTube videos.

Is it legal to buy likes on YouTube?

It’s completely legal to purchase YouTube likes if you’re buying it from an authentic and reputable service provides that doesn’t provide bot likes.

On top of that, you also have to make sure you’re not spamming your content with hundreds and thousands of likes all at once. It’s better to choose a gradual delivery system that delivers the likes over a fixed period of time.


So these are some of the best sites to buy real YouTube likes that are affordable at the same time.

If you’re just starting out a new YouTube channel or if your YouTube videos aren’t really getting any likes, it’s always better to purchase likes from a reputable service provider.

We made this list to help you decide between which platform to choose for buying likes on YouTube and eliminate decision fatigue.

Last but not least, if you want to grow your subscriber base and drive a crazy amount of views on your videos, you can check out our world-class services for buying YouTube subscribers and views.


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