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13 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments (Custom & Instant)

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Are you looking for some best sites to buy YouTube comments for your videos?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

Everybody wants to be a YouTuber these days.

But the hard truth is – it’s not easy to win on YouTube.

The competition has skyrocketed, and millions of videos are being posted on YouTube daily.

And you know want? The majority of the videos get little to no engagement or views.

Some videos that get decent views don’t get much engagement.

And if you can’t get people to engage with your videos, you can never build a strong community of audience because no one would trust you.

But we have a solution that will skyrocket your YouTube career and flood your videos with people commenting about you and how fantastic your videos are.

You don’t need to try out and experiment with different things to get comments on your YouTube videos. You can just buy them.

Yes, you heard it right.

YouTube video

In this post, we’ll show you some of the best sites to buy YouTube comments that are affordable and 100% real.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive right in.

13 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments

1. Famoid

Famoid best site to buy YouTube comments

Famoid is the best site to buy real YouTube comments at a really affordable price point.

You can get genuinely real and custom comments for your YouTube videos within a few minutes.

We have some of the best marketing experts who work around the clock to provide you with the best social media services every time.

Also, we use ad-based and organic marketing methods to provide you with YouTube comments gradually.

Apart from YouTube comments, you can also buy other YouTube growth services at Famoid, such as YouTube views or subscribers.

However, we don’t have any separate page on our website where you can buy this service.

Since this is a premium service, you would have to contact our sales team to buy YouTube comments from Famoid.

It might seem like a little inefficient, but trust us, it’s totally worth it when you’ll see comments from real accounts pouring into your YouTube videos.

Now, you might think, what about the pricing?

Contact our team to get custom pricing based on your order volume.

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2. QQTube

Buy YouTube comments on QQTube

QQTube is one of the most renowned platforms out there for buying YouTube comments.

They sell custom comments from real YouTube accounts that will engage and comment on your videos in the most natural way.

They also have an easy and seamless process for buying comments on YouTube that anyone can use without any confusion. You just have to add funds to your account, enter the video URL in which you want comments, and make the payment.

Literally, that’s what you have to do.

On top of that, they have world-class customer support experts available 24/7 to help you with any issues you might encounter within the platform.

The pricing for QQTube starts at $12 for 1000 comments, and this pricing may fluctuate since most of these services are provided by different vendors.

3. SoNuker


SoNuker is one of the most trusted websites to buy YouTube comments, with an outstanding 4.8 customer rating.

They claim to deliver the highest quality YouTube comments using a manual process.

However, unlike other platforms, they don’t deliver all the comments at once. Instead, they spread the delivery over multiple days (depending on your order volume) to make it look natural and protect your YouTube account from getting flagged.

Apart from that, if you notice any drops in comments after your order gets delivered successfully, they will refill it for you for completely free. They provide an unlimited refill guarantee for one year from the day of your purchase.

The pricing for SoNuker starts at 10 comments for $20, and you can buy up to 100 comments for $140 at once.

4. BuyCheapestFollowers


As the name itself suggest, you can buy cheap YouTube comments on this platform without compromising on the quality of service.

They give you the option to choose between Random comments and Custom comments during the checkout process.

Random comments will be randomly written comments that might not be specific about that particular video.

While on the flip side, if you choose the custom comments options, you can control what people would write in the comments.

Surprisingly, the best thing is you don’t have to pay anything extra for using the customized comments option.

In terms of pricing, their base plan starts at $2.19 for 5 comments, and you can buy up to 500 comments at $79.99.

If you want more than 500 comments, you would have to either place multiple orders or you can even contact their support team.

5. BoostMeUp

Buy custom YouTube comments on Boostmeup

BoostMeUp offers one of the most affordable solutions for buying YouTube comments.

You can buy 25 YouTube comments for just $2.99 and 5000 comments for just $159.99.

It’s insanely cheap pricing compared to other platforms.

On top of that, they also offer drop protection on your orders, so in case you lose any YouTube comments in the future after buying them from BoostMeUp, they will automatically refill that gap for you without any extra cost.

You also don’t have to compromise your account’s safety to buy YouTube comments, as they never ask you for any account credentials or password.

And suppose you encounter any issues with their services. In that case, you can contact their 24/7 available customer support team either via chat option or email.

Overall, if you want to buy instant YouTube comments at an extremely affordable price without compromising on quality, BoostMeUp is the perfect solution for you.

6. SubPals

Buy real youtube comments on subpals

With over 4.86 star ratings out of 5, SubPals is one of the most highly rated platforms out there on the internet where you can buy real YouTube comments.

As soon as you make the payment, your order will get processed within a few minutes, and you’ll almost instantly start seeing the results and comments flooding into your videos.

And in case they fail to deliver your order on time, you’ll get your full money back (no questions asked).

You don’t have to provide your password, email address, or even phone number to use this service. 

All you have to do is just enter your YouTube video URL and make the payment.

That’s how easy and safe it is to use SubPals for buying YouTube comments.

They also have a support team who will be available for you around the clock to solve any of the issues you might have with their services.

However, unfortunately, they don’t have affordable pricing.

Their pricing starts at $20 for just 10 comments, and for 100 comments, you would have to pay $140.

That’s a huge sum of money.

7. RealSocialz

Buy instant youtube comments realsocialz

The next platform we have on this list of best sites to buy YouTube comments is – RealSocialz.

RealSocialz is one of the most genuine platforms on the market that provides outstanding quality real YouTube comments with different targeting options.

Primarily if most of your audience is based out in the USA or if you prefer to target the USA market, you can even buy YouTube comments, specifically from accounts with American names.

You can even split the comments in up to 5 of your YouTube videos for the same order you place.

However, you can only get up to 20-50 comments daily, no matter your package.

They have this speed limit to ensure your account stays safe and doesn’t get flagged by YouTube for suspicious activity.

8. SocialsUp

SocialsUp buy real youtube comments

We’ve already mentioned SocialsUp in some of our posts.

It’s an absolutely outstanding platform for buying real YouTube comments without risking your account getting banned,

Until now, they have processed over 99k+ orders with a positive rating of 93%.

On SoiclasUp, you can buy up to 100 comments in one go, and the delivery time is between 1-2 days depending upon your order size.

However, there are some things that could be improved on this platform.

Firstly, you won’t be able to control what will be written in your YouTube comments as they don’t have any custom comment options as of now.

And you won’t be able to split the comments into different videos. You would have to buy different packages for each video.

The pricing for SocialsUp’s YouTube comment packages starts at $5.49 and goes up to $39.59.

9. SocialFansGeek


If you’re struggling to get comments on your YouTube videos, SocialFansGeek can be your savior.

You can buy up to 1000 YouTube comments in just one single order on this platform just by providing your YouTube video URL. No password or account details are needed to use their services.

Buying comments from this platform won’t just help you to increase engagement on your videos, but it will also help you establish trust within your audience and rank higher on the YouTube search.

They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if they fail to deliver the service within a deadline.

Apart from that, we don’t have any other clue about their features or USPs as they have little to no information on their page.

It costs $8 to buy 15 comments and $400 for 1000 comments on SocialsFansGeek.

10. Soclikes Company

Soclikes Company YouTube comments

It’s hard to find a platform that provides genuine and 100% real YouTube comments.

If you’re also looking for a genuine platform that doesn’t provide bot-generated YouTube comments, Soclikes Company can be your best friend.

On Soclikes, you can buy 100% real YouTube comments from real accounts without spending too much money.

You can either buy comments from a worldwide random audience or from a specific country like the USA.

Currently, they have a delivery speed of between 20 – 50 comments per day, irrespective of which plan you choose to ensure your account doesn’t get banned.

Apart from that, they also have monthly and weekly packages that will provide you with YouTube subscribers, views, and comments at a discounted price.

Soclikes charges $1.99 for 5 comments, and for 1000 comments, you would have to pay just $119.99.

11. FreeWaySocial


FreeWaySocial is a fairly newcomer in the market but still provides promising quality services to its customers.

They don’t deal in bot-generated services and only provide genuine comments from real YouTube accounts.

Each plan they sell comes with a refill and money-back guarantee to secure you from losing your money.

If you don’t like the comments or their quality of service, you can always ask them for a 100% refund.

Overall, it’s a decent service provider where you can buy Instant YouTube comments easily.

However, the pricing of this platform can be an issue for many.

They charge $4.99 for 10 comments and $1,099 for 5000 YouTube comments.

12. SocialBoosting

Buy YouTube comments on Socialboosting

SocialBoosting is one of our top picks for buying YouTube comments at an unbelievably budget-friendly cost.

They offer a top-notch quality of YouTube comments that comes from real human users.

And if you’re buying YouTube comments for the first, you also don’t have to risk your money as they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their service.

Moreover, they have friendly and super helpful customer support staff available around the clock to help you with any issues you might face within the platform.

They also have super affordable pricing options so that everyone can afford quality service irrespective of their budget.

Currently, you can buy 10 YouTube comments on SocialBoosting for just $3 and 500 comments for $69.99.

13. GetViral

Getviral Youtube comment service

The last platform we have on this list of best sites to buy YouTube comments is GetViral.

GetViral is a well-known name in the industry, and they have been providing exceptional quality services to their customers for the last few years.

You can start buying authentic comments for your YouTube channel for as low as $5.99.

In addition, they also provide you with a system and tracking id to track the progress of your order in real time without contacting the support team.

And suppose you lose any comments in the future that you’ve bought from them, they will refill the lost comments for you at no additional cost.


So these are practically the best sites to buy real YouTube comments without making your wallet empty.

We have tried to list all the websites that provide real and genuine YouTube comment services to help you grow your engagement and YouTube channel.

If you want to buy custom YouTube comments without risking your YouTube channel, our secret YouTube comments service would be the ultimate solution for you.

We only take a handful of orders for this service and ensure to provide elite-class quality comments that no other service provider can match.

That being said, it’s entirely your call.

You can choose any service provider from this list, depending on your preference and budget.

But make sure you choose the right service provider, as choosing the wrong one might put your channel at risk of getting banned.


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