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11 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments (Custom & Real)

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Not getting enough comments on your Instagram posts?

Even after posting quality content?

Imagine having a simple solution that can flood your posts with hundreds of engaging comments from real users.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic? 

In this post, we’ve listed some of the best sites to buy Instagram comments from real users that will help you elevate your popularity on Instagram and help you establish a trustworthy brand on the platform.

And you know the best part?

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Each comment you receive will be tailored specifically for your posts (just like an actual human would comment on their friend’s recent vacation pictures).

So if you’re ready to take your Instagram game to the next level, let’s dive right in.

11 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments (Custom Comments)

1. Famoid

Famoid buy Instagram comments

Let’s start off this list of best sites to buy Instagram comments with a renowned platform known for providing top-notch social media growth services – Famoid.

Of course, we’re talking about us.

Famoid is hands down one of the best sites where you buy custom Instagram comments at an extremely affordable cost.

We provide genuine, targeted, and super-customized Instagram comments from active Instagram users to improve the visibility of your posts.

Whether you want to purchase Instagram comments for one of the latest pictures that you’ve posted recently or for a reel video you’ve uploaded, Famoid got you covered.

However, there’s a catch.

You would have to contact our sales team to avail this service.

We kept this service a secret to provide you with the best quality comments without compromise.

No matter how many comments you want, we’re here to deliver.

Key features:

  • High-quality custom comments
  • 30 days free refill in case you lose any comments after purchase
  • Fast customer support to tackle all your questions and solve any issues quickly
  • Quick delivery guaranteed
  • Safe & secure platform


You have to contact our customer support for a custom quote. Based on your requirement, we can offer you a custom & affordable pricing.

2. LikesGeek

Best sites to buy instagram comments Likesgeek

The next website on this list of best sites to buy real Instagram comments is LikesGeek.

LikesGeek provides you with Instagram comments by complying with all of Instagram’s privacy policies and terms of service.

They also have one of the lowest drop rates in the space. Most of the comments you’ll buy will stay forever on your account.

If, by any chance, you lose some of the comments, LikesGeek will refill them for you at no extra cost within 90 days of your purchase. Additionally, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with their service, you can request a refund.

Moreover, LikesGeek has a customer support team available 24/7, and you can chat with them live to address any problems you may encounter.

Key features:

  • Comments from real people like us
  • Option to pay with crypto
  • Your order will get delivered within 12 – 24 hours (bigger orders might take some time)
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Get your money back if you’re not satisfied with their service within 30 days of your purchase
  • Option to choose between quality comments and premium comments


The base plan for high-quality followers starts at $4.32 for 25 comments and goes up to $84.39 for 500 comments, while the base plan for premium comments costs $7.34 for 25 comments and $143.36 for 500 comments.

3. Soclikes

Purchase Instagram comments on Soclikes

Soclikes is one of the most reputable platforms enabling everyone to buy Instagram comments at a ridiculously affordable cost.

On this platform, you can buy up to 1000 comments for just $179.99.

All you have to do is, enter your Instagram post link and make the payment.

That’s it.

Comments will instantly start pouring into your post automatically.

Soclikes also offers monthly packages that include Instagram comments, likes, and followers. 

These packages come with an extra discount of up to 36%. 

You can also divide the comments you buy among different posts, and the number of comments you receive each day will vary between 50 and 200.

Key features:

  • Monthly packages are available at a discounted rate
  • 100% genuine and custom comments
  • Comments can be split between multiple posts
  • The frequency of posts will vary between 50 – 200 per day. This way, your account won’t be at risk of getting banned due to suspicious activity


On Socilikes, you can buy 5 comments for $1.99 and 1000 comments for $179.99.

They offer a 100% money-back guarantee, and you can buy their services using major crypto or credit/debit cards.

It’s probably one of the cheapest options you’ll get for buying Instagram comments.

4. BuySell Shoutouts

BuySell shoutouts

BuySell Shoutouts is a quite well-known name in the Instagram growth service space. Apart from Instagram comments, they also provide followers, likes, and video views.

They offer two types of comment services:

  • Emoji comments
  • Custom comments

If you purchase emoji comments, you’ll only receive emojis on your comment service.

It’s cheap, but it’s not that effective, to be honest. 

On the other hand, custom comments are just like a real friend would comment on your post.

However, the pricing for this service is almost double that of the emoji comment service.

The best thing you can do and take advantage of both of these services is by purchasing and mixing up your comment sections with both emojis and custom comments.

Key features:

  • Option to choose between custom and emoji comments
  • Quick delivery
  • 24/7 helpful support staff


BuySell Shoutouts charges 50 comments for $11.99, and you can buy up to 1000 comments for $99.99 in one go.

If you want to buy bigger order than this, you can even contact their support team.

5. SocialsUp


If you’re looking to buy cheap Instagram comments, SocialsUp is the way to go.

SocialsUp has served over 10K+ customers and processed 99,092+ orders till now with an excellent 93% positive review rate.

It has an easy-to-use portal that you can use to place your order seamlessly without getting stuck.

All the comments provided by SocialsUp are from 100% real accounts and custom for each post.

Key features:

  • Organic delivery
  • Comments from 100% real accounts handled by human beings (not bots).
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easy-to-use portal for placing your order


Socialsup lets you buy 10 comments for $2.79, and you can buy up to 500 comments in one single order for $57.99.

Want more? You can even place a custom order for bulk requirements.

6. QQTube


QQTube is a marketplace for all your social media growth needs.

You can buy high-quality custom comments for your Instagram posts for as low as $8.58 for 1000 comments.

The process for buying Instagram comments on QQTube is also quite simple and easy. 

You just have to create an account, add funds (you have to add funds to your QQTube account before you purchase any service), select the service you want, and make the transaction.

You can even track the progress of your order right from your dashboard.

Also, QQTube doesn’t require any password or account credentials to use their services.

And if you need help or have questions, their customer support is top-notch and very helpful. 

In fact, it’s better than what you usually find on similar platforms.

Key features:

  • No password or credentials required
  • Get $1 free credit upon signing up
  • High data privacy and safety
  • 24/7 custom support
  • Easy buying process
  • Delivery guarantee


QQTube has different pricing options. Their plans start at $15 and go upward toward $1000.

7. Buytoplikes


If you’re looking to buy high-quality yet affordable Instagram comments for your posts to boost engagement and trust, Buytoplikes can be a great choice for you.

One of the standout features of Buytoplikes is its commitment to authenticity. 

When you purchase  Instagram comments from them, you can be assured that they come from real and active Instagram users.

That means each comment will be written by genuine human beings like us (not some robots).

In addition, they also offer quick delivery and a guarantee of service with every plan they provide.

Key features:

  • Fully customized comments
  • Safe and easy payment options
  • Free refill and money-back guarantee with each purchase
  • Comments from high-quality and active Instagram users
  • 24/7 quick customer support available


Buytoplikes offers 10 likes for $2.79 and they lets you buy up to 100 comments in one single order for $15.79.

8. Social Boosting

Buy real Instagram comments on Social Boosting

The next excellent platform you can use to purchase Instagram likes for your posts is Social Boosting.

Boots Boosting is a well-known platform in the space for providing quality social media growth services, including custom Instagram comments.

One of the best things about Social Boosting is its ability to provide truly custom comments on your posts. You can even buy Instagram comments based on a specific gender requirement without compromising your account safety.

To eliminate the risk for you, they even have a money-back guarantee that you can avail of if you don’t find their services quite good enough.

It’s an incredibly easy-to-use platform that you can use to explode your Instagram engagement in almost no time.

Key features:

  • Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their services
  • No account credentials are required to use their services
  • High-quality grade of comments from real accounts
  • Option to get comments from a specific gender
  • Guaranteed refill available


Social Boostig offers a wide range of plans to choose from. Their base p[an starts at $2.50 for 5 Instagram comments and goes upward towards $65 for 400 comments.

It’s one of the most valuepacked and affordable solution that you can use.

9. Viralyft


If you want to buy real Instagram comments, Viralyft is your one-stop solution.

Just like most of the platform claims, Viralyft also claims to provide top-notch quality Instagram comments to help you gain trust among your audience and shoot up your engagement.

They deliver your comment within a time frame between 3-4 days to keep your channel safe from getting flagged by Instagram. 

They also offer a 24/7 support system to assist you with any problems you might have on the platform. When it comes to making payments, you can use PayPal, credit or debit cards, cryptocurrency, or Apple Pay for a secure transaction.

Last but not least, if you don’t get the committed results within the deadline, you’ll get a full refund of your purchase (no questions asked).

Key features:

  • Custom comments that look natural
  • 2-4 days delivery guarantee, or else you get your money back
  • Highly secure payment options (they even accept crypto)
  • 24/7 available support system that helps you in every stage of your journey
  • Good reputation on the market


The pricing for Instagram comments at Viralyft starts at $8.99 for 10 comments and you can buy up to 250 comments for $69.99.

10. FollowersCart


If you want to buy Instagram comments using PayPal or Stripe, you can try out FollowersCart.

FollowersCart is a great platform that sells authentic and genuine Instagram comments and other social media growth services at an affordable price.

If you’re specifically looking for comments from people in the United States, FollowersCart offers comments from accounts based in the USA with English names only. 

Once you make the payment, you’ll start receiving comments on your profile almost immediately. 

It usually takes around 2-3 minutes for the comments to start coming in.

However, if you have a large order, it may take longer for all the comments to be delivered.

Key features:

  • Affordable pricing options for everyone
  • Comments from US accounts with 100% English names
  • Instant delivery system that delivers results in lightning speed
  • 24/7 friendly support to help you out in any problem
  • Highly secured payment systems
  • Premium quality of likes from real accounts with profile pictures and posts on their feed


You can buy 5 comments for $5 and 100 comments for $55 on FollowersCart.

To be honest, it’s a little costly compared to other platforms that offers almost similar quality of services.

11. UseViral


UseViral is another excellent platform you can use to buy Instagram comments to improve engagement on your posts.

With their extensive network of real users, you can expect to get genuine comments that add value to your posts.

They offer a 100% delivery guarantee on every purchase.

Still, if you have any issues with their services, you can always reach out to their customer support, and they’ll surely resolve the issue for you in almost no time.

Overall, buying comments on UseViral will give you an edge over your competitors, and you can easily grow your presence on the platform without waiting for years.

Key features:

  • Custom comments from real users
  • 100% guaranteed delivery
  • Round-the-clock speedy assistance
  • Complimentary 30-day refill


UseViral lets you buy 10 comments for $4.99 and you can buy up to 1000 Instagram comments for just $124.99.

If you’re not satisfied with their services, you can even ask for a 100% refund on your purchase.

How to Buy Instagram Comments

Buying Instagram comments from any platform is super easy.

Mostly you just have to follow a few simple steps to make your Instagram posts flooded with comments that would increase your trust and brand value overnight.

Still, if you’re unaware of how this whole system of buying Instagram comments works, don’t worry. 

We got you covered.

Here are the steps that you have to follow to buy comments on Instagram on most of the platforms:

Step 1: First, pick the platform you want to work with. You can choose any platform based on your preference from this list (We obviously suggest Famoid)

Step 2: Choose the package you want to buy (most platforms have a package system for their services).

Step 3: Fill in some details, provide your Instagram post link, and make the payment.

That’s it.

Seriously, that’s all you have to do to buy Instagram comments on any platform.

However, if you want to buy premium quality comments for your Instagram post from Famoid, you would have to contact our sales team and tell them about your requirement.

Our team will send you custom pricing based on your requirement. 

Once you make the payment, we’ll start dropping in comments on your posts.

We currently don’t have public pricing available for this service because we intend to keep this service private and premium.

FAQs Related to Buying Instagram Comments

Is it legal to buy Instagram comments?

Yes, it’s absolutely legal to buy Instagram comments if you’re buying them from an authentic and trustworthy platform. 

Buying real Instagram comments is not illegal unless you’re buying bot comments at mass. 

This might put your account at risk of getting banned from the platform.

How much does it cost to buy Instagram comments?

Mostly it will cost you between $2 to a few hundred dollars to buy Instagram comments. 

The pricing will depend upon the platform you’re buying it from, quantity, and quality of comments. 

At Famoid, we have one of the most affordable solutions, and we can provide you with the best pricing if you’re looking to purchase Instagram comments in bulk.

Is it safe to purchase Instagram comments?

Yes, buying Instagram comments is completely safe if you’re not buying bot-generated fake comments. 

If you’re buying comments from a genuine and active Instagram account, you’re on the safe side, and you won’t have risk.

Can I buy customized Instagram comments?

Yes, you can purchase personalized comments for Instagram. Many platforms offer services where you can get comments tailored to your preferences.


Buying Instagram comments is a great idea to grow your engagement and become trustworthy in a short span of time.

But choosing the right platform to buy comments can be tricky because you’ll often come across plenty of scam sites that claim to provide real Instagram comments, but all they do is provide low-quality bot comments, which adds no value.

To help you with that, we have listed some of the best sites to buy Instagram comments at a much more affordable cost.

Go through the list and pick the one which suits your needs and budget.

However, if you want the exclusive highest quality grade of comments for your Instagram posts, you can contact our support team.


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