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9 Best Sites to Buy Discord Members (2024)

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Are you wondering what are the best sites to buy Discord members?

Discord is a popular instant messaging and social platform that allows users to communicate through text messages, voice calls, and video calls.

If you run a Discord server, you know how difficult it is to attract more members and create an engaged community, especially if you do not have huge popularity or credibility outside the platform.

But luckily, you can make this complex process a complete cakewalk by buying Discord members.

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In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of the best sites to buy Discord members to skyrocket your Discord server’s growth in no time.

So, let’s have a look at each of these platforms one by one.

9 Best Sites to Buy Discord Members

1. Famoid

Buy discord members at Famoid

If you’re looking to buy real Discord members for your server, look no further than Famoid.

At Famoid, we’re proud to be America’s #1 social media growth agency. Our track record speaks for itself, as we’ve helped numerous customers thrive on various popular social media platforms, including Discord. With us, you can feel confident in your choice to buy real Discord members for your server.

We’re one of the few service providers that uses advertisement-based methods to attract actual Discord members to your server.

Our systems are equipped with a gradual delivery system that will gradually add members to your Discord channel, ensuring it looks natural and organic.

Apart from quality of service, we also take various measures to ensure your personal information stays safe and anonymous.

Our 24/7, available, friendly customer support team will always be by your side whenever you face any problem or have any queries about buying Discord members.

You can buy Discord members at Famoid via your credit card, debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or even cryptocurrencies.


This is an exclusive service of Famoid. Get in touch with our sales team to get a custom quote based on the number of Discord members you want to buy.

2. Media Mister

Buy real discord members at Media Mister

Next up, we have Media Mister on our list.

Media Mister is already a well-known name in the social media growth service space, providing top-notch quality growth services across all social media platforms.

On Media Mister, you can buy two types of Discord members:

  • Offline members
  • One month online members

Offline members will increase your overall member count, but those members won’t engage within your server.

On the other hand, online members will be visible to everyone in your Discord community, and they occasionally engage as well.

Media Mister provides 100% real, authentic, and active members from all around the globe. They claim their system is totally free of bot and fake discord members.

Once you place your order with them, it generally takes a couple of hours until your order gets totally delivered. The final delivery time depends upon the quantity of your order and the type of members you’re buying.

However, one issue you might face on Media Mister is that you cannot buy more than 1000 offline Discord members in a single order.

The maximum order quantity of online Discord members is just 100.


For offline members, they only have one package:

  • 1000 offline members: $63

For online members, they have two packages:

  • 50 Online monthly members: $10
  • 100 Online monthly members: $19

They do not provide any trials, but each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. GetAFollower

Buy discord server members at GetAFollower

Another platform where you can buy active Discord members is GetAFollower.

With over 13 years of existence, GetAFollower is the real OG in the social media services space.

They have served over 28k+ customers from 177 countries with countless five-star reviews for their excellent service.

It’s quite an easy-to-use platform, and buying Discord members on GetAFollower takes less than a minute. All you have to do is select the desired package, enter the Discord server URL, and make the payment.

Once that’s done, you will instantly start seeing the members flowing into your Discord community.

It’s an entirely safe platform, and they never ask you for your account credentials or password to use any of their services.

Apart from that, the 30-day money-back guarantee and 60-day free refill guarantee makes it a no-risk purchase for you.


The price of buying Discord members at GetAFollower starts at just $10.

4. SteamElevate

Buy discord members at SteamElevate

If you want to buy real Discord server members for your server at an insanely affordable price, SteamElevate is the perfect option for you.

Just like Media Mister and GetAFollower, SteamElevate also allows you to choose between “Offline members” and “Online members.”

The Discord members they provide come from different countries and have real-looking profiles that look completely authentic.

The best part about SteamElevate is that they let you buy up to 15,000 members in a single order. If you’re looking to buy bulk Discord members, SteamElevate is one of the few options you currently have in the market.

However, to buy Discord server members, you would have to add a Discord bot to your server provided by SteamElevate. They won’t be able to deliver your order unless you add the bot.


The price for buying Discord server members at SteamEleveate starts at $0.99, making it one of the cheapest options available.

5. BoostHill

Buying discord members at BoostHill

BoostHill is an outstanding platform that can help you buy active Discord members for your server.

When you buy Discord members from BoostHill, you’re in full control. You can choose whether you want offline or online followers based on your requirements.

They have established a market benchmark with their world-class quality of social media growth services.

Besides Discord members, BoostHill has plenty of other growth services under its umbrella, including Instagram comments, Spotify followers, and much more.

They claim to provide 100% genuine members who not only join your server but also interact and engage with other group members.

Their service is equipped with a non-drop and instant delivery guarantee, which makes it a safe option for their customers.

If you’re starting your Discord server and you don’t have any skin in the game, BoostHill can be your best friend in the journey.

So, what are you looking for? Go ahead and try out their service to see if it’s a good fit for you or not.

But remember, you should not purchase the larger packages until you’re 100% sure about the platform. Generally, it’s recommended to start with the smaller packages, and once you’re satisfied with the service, you can proceed with a bigger purchase.


At BoostHill, the cost of buying Discord members starts at just $7. However, they do not offer a refund guarantee.

6. SocialsUp

Buy discord members at Socialsup

From TikTok comments to Discord members, SocialsUp provides hyper-growth solutions for all major social media and community platforms.

SocialsUp is a platform that mainly focuses on delivering high-quality service at lightning-fast speed.

Once you place your order with SocialsUp, the service is delivered in 4 – 12 hours, which is significantly quicker than most platforms.

One remarkable thing about SocialsUp is that all their plans come with drop protection. If you lose even a single member from your Discord server, you’ll get a 30-day free replacement.

Not to forget, their 30-day money-back guarantee adds another layer of safety to your purchase.


The starting plan of SocialsUp costs $25.97 for 1000 Discord members.

On the flip side, the most expensive plan costs a whopping $1099.97 for 50k Discord members.

You can buy their plans using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card, or Debit Card.

7. SocialBoss

Buy active discord members at SocialBoss

If you’re tired of trying to grow your Discord server the traditional way, you can buy Discord members from SocialBoss and make your journey effortless.

SocialBoss allows you to buy up to 50k offline Discord members in seconds. Provide them with your Discord server link, and SocialBoss will do the rest of the work for you.

Depending on your order size, it takes between 4 hours to 7 days to completely deliver your order.

Although they are a reputable social media service provider, unlike other platforms, they do not provide a refill guarantee.

Also, currently, they are only offering “offline members.”

They do have a 30-day refund policy, which protects your money from being wasted if you don’t like their service.

They have 24/7 chatbot support, but live chat agents aren’t available at the moment. If you want support from their team, email is the only option you’ll have.

However, SocialBoss is definitely a decent option to try if you want to order a large number of Discord members.


SocialBoss offers different packages depending on how many Discord members you want on your server. The packages start at just $25.99.

8. Growthoid


When you think of buying Discord members, you can’t forget about Growthoid.

Growthoid is an amazing platform on which you can buy members for your Discord server in a secure and efficient way.

It’s a completely legitimate platform that provides real and authentic-looking members from all around the globe.

Their unique features allow you to choose between “high-quality” and “premium” members. The “high-quality” members are around 30% cheaper than the “premium” package.

But what’s the difference?

They claim that “high-quality” members do look like real humans, but they are mostly inactive.

On the other hand, “premium” members are generally active and real humans who also engage with other members.

Growthoid allows you to buy one-time offline members or monthly online members for your server. You can choose any of these packages based on your preference and your end goal.

Last but not least, Growthoid provides a 30-day refill and refund guarantee with each purchase.


Growthoid offers various packages for buying Discord members, starting at $63 for their base package. Although we don’t have any doubt about their service quality, the overall prices can be a bit costlier compared to other platforms.

9. SidesMedia

Buy online discord members at sidesmedia

The last platform we have on this list is none other than SidesMedia.

Much like Growthoid, SidesMedia provides two types of packages for buying Discord members:

  • High-quality members
  • Premium members

If your primary aim is to increase the number of members on your Discord server, the “high-quality members” package will work for you.

But if you want members who will constantly engage with each other on your server, you might want to consider the “Premium members” package.

One of the key features of SidesMedia that makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd is its customer support.

Even though they do not provide live chat and call options, their email support team is quick and knowledgeable, ready to solve all your queries.

Apart from that, they have an extremely seamless and easy checkout process that takes less than a minute. 

If, for any reason, you lose the members within 30 days of your purchase, they will happily replace them for you at no additional cost.

If you don’t like the quality of the members they provide, you can ask for a full refund of your money within 30 days.


The pricing of SidesMedia’s packages starts at just $63 for 1000 members.

What is The Best Website to Buy Discord Members?

Before listing these platforms, we evaluated them based on three parameters:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Support

If you buy Discord members from any of these platforms, you can rest assured that your money won’t be wasted and your data will stay completely secure.

Still, if you don’t want to take a chance and want the best quality and active discord members for your server, you can talk to our social media experts.

Contact Famoid and get a customized package for buying online and offline members on your Discord server.


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