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Step by Step Guide to Add Links in Your Tumblr Description

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Social media websites have become more than just platforms through which we communicate and reconnect with friends and family members. Through the years, they’ve evolved from a means to reconnect with friends and family, and into a means to help users meet like-minded people. And to help users create an online presence.

In fact, today, social media websites are some of the best digital marketing tools that companies and brands need to learn to leverage in order to maximize the reach of their brand. Learning how to add a link in tumblr description boxes is one of the ways to maximize your use of the platform. 

What Is Tumblr?

Besides Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Tumblr is one of the most popular social media platforms that serves as a means to express thoughts, opinions, and creativity. Like other social media platforms, one key function of Tumblr is that it allows users to introduce themselves to their audience.

What makes Tumblr blogs different from other social media platforms is in the freedom that it gives users in how they present their content. Heavy customization with tumblr themes,  free-form blog posts, and an overall sense of freedom is what generates a lot of appeal for Tumblr. Think of your tumblelog as a canvas that you get to paint any picture you want on.

Why Does The Tumblr Description Box Matter?

The description box in Tumblr’s sidebar allows users to display a summary about themselves or their brand. What’s particularly important to note on the description box is that it gives users a lot of freedom to customize a description, complete with Tumblr’s markup code that simplifies the process of editing texts without needing any knowledge of HTML code or CSS. One of the things users can do with this is to add a link. 

Why Would You Add Clickable Links in Your Bio or Description?

Adding links in your Tumblr description helps create a semblance of order in your summary and it helps your page visitors find your other social media platforms. The reason behind this is that if people already like the content you produce on one social media platform, they’re bound to like your content on other platforms.

Not only this, but businesses will also be able to add links to their own website or product pages to help visitors navigate content much more efficiently. This essentially makes the tumblog a part of a sales pipeline!

The Steps To Add Links To Your Tumblr Description Box

Now that we know the importance of having links in your Tumblr description box, we need to master these steps so we’re able to make the necessary changes to our description box when we need to. So, what are the steps in adding links to your Tumblr description box?

  • Open Tumblr

How to add a link in tumblr description step:1

You can open Tumblr by visiting through your browser, or by clicking on the app icon on your mobile device.

  • Log In To Your Account

How to add a link in tumblr description step:2

Once on the website, you’re going to be welcomed by this screen:

Simply click on “log in” and enter your login details.

  • Open Your Account Tab

How to add a link in tumblr description step:3

Once on your home page, click on this icon on the upper right corner of your screen:

  • Select The Account You Want To Edit

How to add a link in tumblr description step:4

After clicking on the account tab, a drop-down menu will open. Select the account you want to edit as shown in the picture below:

  • Select The “Edit Appearance” Option

How to add a link in tumblr description step:5

Once in your account, select the “Edit appearance” option on the right hand panel as shown below: 

  • Click On “Edit Theme”

How to add a link in tumblr description step:6

After accessing the “edit appearance” page, click on “edit theme” beside the Website Theme section:

Edit Your Description 

Finally, this is the page where you’ll find a variety of customization options for your miniblog on the left-hand panel. The one option you’re going to want to focus on is the description box:

This is where you’re going to be adding the links.

How to add a link in tumblr description step:7

How To Add The Links

Adding the links to the description box is a simple affair. Again, you don’t have to be a coding expert, so relax, this is going to be easy!

Simply type of copy the code as follows:<a href=””>Your anchor text here</a>

After typing this into your description box, it’s just a matter of replacing “” with the actual link of the website or profile that you’re linking to.

Next, replace the “Your anchor text here” section with the text you want  , to show on your description box. Take note that only the anchor text will be visible to your visitors.

You’re going to want something that looks like this:

How to add a link in tumblr description step:8

            Click on “Save”, and your link should be on your description box, like this:

How to add a link in tumblr description step:9

As you can see, adding a link to your Tumblr description wasn’t too difficult. But, even when it’s this simple, there may be times when things may not be exactly as you want them to be. It’s for these scenarios that you need to do a few things to ensure that things are working well. So, if your links aren’t working yet, these are a few things to try:

The Simplest Method

The easiest way to ensure that your links work is to copy the URL straight from the address bar of your browser. It’s just a matter of opening the page you want to link to and copying the URL on your website and pasting it to the code as shown in the “H” step of the guide. For example, if you’re unable to add a link to your Instagram profile, simply copy and paste your Instagram URL to the code.

Double Check The Code

Now, if this still doesn’t solve the problem, then you might want to look at the code. All the characters in the link code are important. This means that even a single missed quotation mark or a typographical error in the code can keep it from working properly. Again, as mentioned earlier, simply copy and paste the code provided in the “H” step of the guide.

Adding a link to your Tumblr’s description is one of the essential things to know if you plan to use Tumblr properly. This is more than just basic knowledge. This is a tool that’s bound to help users get the most out of their Tumblr account.

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