Best Time to Post on Facebook [Check this before Publishing!]

When is the best time to post on Facebook to get maximum exposure?

If you are using Facebook for your business or promoting your service or brand, chances are, you also have the same question. Of course, this is a very valid question considering that Facebook has remained to be one of the most popularly used social media platform. Hence, Facebook offers an effective platform to reach out to large audience and your target market. And, to optimize this advantage making the most out of your Facebook posts is very important.

While the quality of your contents is a vital factor to achieve significant Facebook engagements, timing is also another equally important factor to consider. Posting at the right time on Facebook is important to increase your visibility and help you achieve maximum reach to your target demographics.

Best Time to Post on Facebook?

Best Time to Post on Facebook?

The Best Times to Post on Facebook in General

Social media, particularly Facebook is a great marketing channel to amplify your brand and promote your products and services. But even if you have the best crafted contents, posting on Facebook any time you like it may not be effective for market timing. There are specific times of the day that work better than other times.

Below are some of the best times to post on Facebook based on general researches:

  • Between 12 noon and 3 pm during Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • 1 pm to 3 pm on Thursday and Fridays are best times to post on Facebook according to Hubspot.
  • From 12 noon to 1 pm during Saturday and Sunday are specifically prime times to earn Facebook engagements.
  • Before 8 am and after 8 pm during Saturdays and Sundays are found to be the worst times for posting on Facebook.
  • 8 pm during Thursdays work best for maximum Facebook audience exposure according to TrackMaven.
  • 10 am to 3 pm during weekdays are considered the safest times to post on Facebook.
  • Generally, weekends are identified to generate weaker engagements as most people are usually out and about on these particular days.

How to Determine the Best Times to Post for Your Own Audience

It is important to remember that every Facebook account is unique. In the same way, every business or niche may also have different needs and require different audience. In addition, different people check into their social media at various times and intervals.

In determining the best times to post on Facebook for your specific audience, you might need to consider the following first:

  1. Your Target Market
  2. What are their interests and what lifestyle do they lead?
  3. What is their Age Range and their Gender?
  4. The Type of Products or Services That You Offer
  5. The Time Zone Differences, If you have international Audience

Since, there is actually no universal timing that fits everyone, determining the best time is truly up to you. With this in mind, take time to conduct an experiment on your post timing and record your audiences’ engagement. This should help you draw insights about the Facebook post timing that will work best for you.

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Hope this content helps you about the Best Time to Post on Facebook.

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