For those of us who enjoy video editing, either as a means of income or just for personal entertainment reasons, it’s a well-known fact that having good video editing software is absolutely critical; if you’re skilled enough, you can probably manage to create something good even with the worst software, but there’s no denying that the better software you have the better your finished product will be.

Best Free Video Editing Applications (List for 2018):

But finding a good applications for editing your videos can be hard because they’re so expensive, right? Wrong! Contrary to what some people would have you believe, it actually is possible to get great video editing software without breaking your bank account. And not only that, there are quite a few excellent video editing programs that are entirely free!

In this article we will list and briefly describe four of the best free video editing applications currently available. We hope you find this information helpful.

  1. Lightworks


    This video editing software for Instagram, Facebook or etc. is considered by many people to be one of the best free options currently available. It provides video editing software that is of professional quality; it has even been used to make professional movies such as The King’s Speech. It not only offers advanced video editing tools, but also has a well-designed interface that can be used easily and re-arranged according to your needs; that being said, there are a lot of options and tools built into the interface, so it might be overwhelming to learn everything at first. Lightworks also features real-time effects options and many other useful tools that can be used for crafting high quality professional-level videos.


    Lightworks –

  2. VSDC Free Video Editor 

    Notable for being a non-linear editor (meaning you can drop in clips and edit and arrange them however you like), this free editing software also has fun and unique features like being able to add in text and even some special effects. That being said, this video editor also has so many features that it might be overwhelming for someone new to video editing; this steep learning curve isn’t insurmountable but you will need to take the time to familiarize yourself with the various features and tools. Luckily, it also has a built in Wizard application that can offer you assistance. 

  3. DaVinci Resolve

    Also one of the most popular free video software programs currently available, DaVinci Resolve allows you to edit both video and audio using premium0quality editing tools; it also possesses advanced color correction tools as well a a wide variety of filtering and adjustment tools. Ultimately, DaVinci Resolve is one the best choices when it comes to advanced video editing.

  4. Windows Movie Maker

    Also known simply as Movie Maker, this video editing software comes pre-installed on any Windows computer that was produced before 2018 (and it can still be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website). And despite being a default video editing program, it has a wide variety of features and tools that can be used to put together high quality videos.

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