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How to Update Instagram on Your iPhone or Android (2023)

Having trouble updating your Instagram app on your mobile device? Don't worry.  We are here for your rescue. Instagram frequently pushes out new updates to fix bugs or to add any new features within the platform. And if you don't keep your Instagram updated, you'll not only miss out on the brand new features that Instagram introduces, but it will also open up security threats for your account. So, if you don't want to get left behind and keep your account safe from hackers, keep reading this post. In this post, we'll show you, how to update [...]

By |August 29th, 2023|

Why Facebook Keeps Logging me Out? (Fix The Issue)

Why does Facebook keeps logging me out? If you’re having this question, you’re in the right place. Sometimes due to app updates or technical glitches, Facebook might get you logged out of the platform. With over 2.93 billion monthly active users, one or two glitches like these are predictable.  But, if you often get logged out of the Facebook app, then it can be a little problem.  Just imagine this: you're suddenly getting logged out of Facebook while typing an important message to your friend. Now, you have to re-login and type everything from the start.  Frustrating, isn't it? Hopefully, [...]

By |January 23rd, 2021|

How to Easily Cancel Tinder Gold (Step by Step)

Modern technology changed modern society forever—even your dating scene, right? Dating apps like Tinder make it easy to meet new people, and you have control over your dates instead of being set up on a blind date by a family member. And with Tinder Plus and Gold’s extra features, it’s even more fun! How to Cancel Tinder Gold But what if you meet your soulmate or realize you want to take a break from the dating scene? You can’t predict when either of these will happen, and then you’ll want to know how to cancel Tinder Gold so [...]

By |December 4th, 2020|

What Happens When You Mute Someone on Instagram? [2023]

We all have that one annoying relative, colleague, or friend who keeps spamming your feed with irrelevant posts on Instagram!  Posts that you don't want to see every day!  What's more annoying is that you can't even block that person. After all, you don't want to pick up a fight with that person over a social media post, right?  So, what's the solution? Mute them.  Instagram allows you to mute posts, stories, and even messages without letting the other person know. If you don't know how to mute someone on Instagram or what happens after muting, this article is [...]

By |August 24th, 2020|

How to Change Reddit Username Easily [2023]

Usually, people join Reddit for very specific purposes. Some head to the platform for fun, while others join forums to get help on their issues. But when you open your account on Reddit, the platform doesn't let you choose your preferred username. And it automatically chooses some random and weird username for your account. Now, you might want to change that username. But is it possible? If yes, how to do it? Don't worry. We've got answers to all your queries. In this post, we'll discuss whether it is really possible to change username on Reddit, and if it's [...]

By |June 4th, 2020|

How to Turn Off Safe Mode On Tumblr

If you like art, the regular, and the kind that you need to view with discretion then you are already familiar with Tumblr. It is a popular social networking and microblogging site, but one that doesn’t belong anywhere on the mainstream list which includes, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you like to browse through Tumblr often, then you must have come across posts with the familiar dialogue, “This post may contain sensitive media; Safe mode is on”. It is extremely annoying when you come across this dialogue or message very often. How to Turn Off Safe Mode On [...]

By |May 8th, 2020|

How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account (2023)

Do you want to recover a hacked Facebook account? If yes, this post is for you. If, for any reason, your Facebook account has been hacked recently. You don't have to worry. You can again get your Facebook account back and protect it from any future threats. But the million-dollar question is: how to do it? Well, don't worry. We've got your back. In this post, we'll show you, how to recover hacked Facebook account by following three different methods and how you can secure your account from any future threats. So without wasting any further time, let's dive [...]

By |December 25th, 2018|

Instagram DMs Not Working? (Fix This Right Now)

Instagram is one of the most downloaded apps worldwide.  With 2.2 Billion monthly active users, most communications happen via Instagram DMs (Direct Messages). Instagram DMs are one of the most popular ways of social communication today.  But just like any other internet thing, Instagram DMs sometimes face severe glitches. If you're also facing this issue, you're in the right place. In this post, we'll figure out why Instagram DMs not working and how you can fix this issue. So without wasting any further time, let's dive right in. Why Are Instagram DMs Not Working? There might be many reasons why [...]

By |August 4th, 2018|