Instagram sellers know that there is always a growing potential.If you want to catch this potential and you want to reach more customers, we have searched for some ways you can follow for this.What are the ways to boost sales on instagram?

Nowadays, it is possible to sell products such as e-commerce sites through social media, we can get it through the best ending instagram.Facebook may also be suitable for sales-focused accounts, but it is better to sell them on instagram, especially on apparel products, skin care products, natural food products and make-up materials.

How do you increase your sales on Instagram?

How do you increase your sales on Instagram?

How do you increase your sales on Instagram?

  • Convert your Instagram account to a business account.

There are many things you can do to sell and increase sales through Instagram.The first thing you need to do is transfer your personal account to business account. This is very important so that your page looks like a professional business, it does not look like an amateur user account. If you do not know how to transfer your instagram account to a business account, you can get help in this content; “How do you convert it into a business account in Instagram?”

  • Edit the information for your business account.

If you have an e-mail address that your customers can directly contact you after converting your page to the business page, you should enter the phone number here. Instagram sellers know that your customers need to be able to see all the necessary contact information when they enter your account. If you have a store, you can enter the address there.If you have a e commerce website that you sell online, you can enter your site address. You can add to your account all the information shortcut buttons including phone and e-mail address. Remember that the tricks of selling on the instagram are to connect and support all the channels together.

  • Take care of your images!

Instagram sales potential depends on how well you show your products.Your instagram sales potential depends on how well you show your products.You can increase your sales potential with fashionable products and clothes colors, quality images that well express your position on the people.Unintelligible, unclear photos make even the greatest products look poor quality.As a result, you can not sell in the instagram.There should be explanations of important details on visuals.Also, when you sell products in the instagram, it is necessary to have a visual description of the product with detailed explanations about the product you are sharing.

  • Answer comments and questions.

Customer satisfaction and feedback have become the most important issue in the whole world.Respond to your customers’ questions, comments, and positive feedbacks as quickly as possible.If you want to sell your products on instagram you need to know from the beginning that this job is a business that requires 24/7 overtime.If the customers which are do not like the product, likes the product, asks the size or asks the price, they will probably stop shopping from you if they don’t get the answer as soon as possible. For this reason, customer interaction is very important.

  • Make an e-commerce site.

In order to sell your products on instagram, you should have an e commerce web site. Of course, the subject here is whether your main sales channel is your trading site or your instagram account.However, for both high instagram sales, the two must support each other.

  • Pre-work with your customers.

Among the instagram sales tactics, the most important is product preliminary work. Even if the biggest brands question and investigate how this product should be for days before they make a new product, we need to get the ideas of your customers before you sell a new product from your account.You can share information about a new jeans model or a new cosmetic product and learn about the potential to get a product.You will also receive preliminary information on product development and provision of those with different features.If you want to sell your products on instagram you should do this kind of preliminary studies carefully.

  • Most importantly, organizing campaigns!

In order to sell on the instagram is a must-have lottery, contest, promotion and campaign. Such activities are not only important to increase sales, but also to increase the number of followers and page interaction.As we know, all postings that we share in the instagram are not shown in the followers as a result of changing instagram algorithms.Interpreting, enjoying, interacting posts reach far more people.When you organize campaigns, more people will be able to share your posts, make comments, and reach many more.



In order to be able to sell in instagram you need to acquire as many followers as possible besides all these tactics. The more followers are the more sales it means.At the beginning of the instagram there are also ways to increase the number of followers.You can also browse on our web site for the safest and fastest way to instigate follower enhancements.

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