You’re new to Instagram and can’t figure out what a story is or maybe you’re a seasoned Instagrammer that would like to boost their follower count. Your Instagram story is an important part of your brand and is very important when it comes to viewer interaction.

To help gain more followers, make your account more aware, and to see the best Instagram story ideas, keep reading our 20 tips below.

Instagram Story Ideas - Famoid Blog

Instagram Story Ideas – Famoid Blog

What Is an Instagram Story?

Instagram stories are timed posts that can be posted by an account. These pictures and videos do not appear on your profile, but on your story mode. To access your story select the camera in the top left-hand corner of the app.

Once you are redirected to the camera, you will have the option to take a photo and video or to select one from your camera roll. After selecting what you would like to post, you can then choose to post in your story or on your feed.

The answer to “how long are Instagram stories?” is that all stories expire after 24 hours. Even if you crate your Instagram story from a camera roll or post a live video, it will be gone one day after posting.

These videos and posts are viewable to anyone that follows you or visits your account. There are ways to make stories private or only viewable to a select few in your account settings. Keep in mind your settings will become your friend and even help you to figure out why Instagram stories are not posting.

These stories are a great way to promote yourself, promote products, and to interact with followers. The following tips will help you to create awesome content while keeping viewers intrigued.

Use GIFs in Your Stories

To add a bit of color and animation to your story why not add a GIF? GIFs will add a little extra something to your post. It will also help you relate to your customers who also use GIFs in their everyday lives.

Do a Live Video

If you’re going to an exclusive event or doing something really cool, why not have your viewers experience it too? This can be done by creating a live video on your story.

Live videos will film in real-time and broadcast to your viewers. You can see who is watching and posting comments. This makes it easy to see how much attention you’re getting and to interact with your viewers.

Boomerang Your Stories

Instagram has a lot of cool and unique features that are limited to their app. One of these features is Boomerang.

Boomerang lets you film for a few seconds and plays what you capture on a loop. The movement caught in a Boomerang can be anything from beautiful to awesome.

Add Some Text

When you post a photo to your story you have the option to edit and add layers. One of the layers that can be added is a text layer.

You can choose from many text styles and colors. This makes it easy to find the best font that fits your photos.

Use this layer to your advantage by adding hashtags to draw attention to your post and account. You can even tag people to bring even more traffic to your posts.

Superzoom Makes Stories Interesting

Superzoom can be found among your Instagram filters. It’ a video camera filter that adds sound and a filter to your videos.

These lenses can be themed as anything from love, horror, and despair. They are creative and a great way to have fun with your posts.

These filters can be used to hype products, show your love or hate for something, or add a little animation to your next selfie. Using Superzoom will make watching your story more interesting than just looking at a picture.

Doodle on Your Pictures and Videos

One of the best parts about an Instagram story is that you can draw directly onto your picture or video. This is a great way to decorate any image or add a personal touch to any post.

Instagram offers different pens to fit your style or Instagram aesthetic. These pens also come in many colors so they appear on your backdrop.

Add a Location

So you’re showing your followers the coolest places around your town or on your travels. Help them to know exactly where you are by using locations.

When posting your story you can add a location sticker. After selecting this sticker you will be prompted to select from a list of locations near you. If your location doesn’t appear, you have the option to enter it into the search bar.

After finding your location, select it and put it on your photo. Now your fans and watchers will know exactly where you’re at and they can plan to visit next time they’re in town.

Interact With Your Audience By Asking Questions

Any audience loves when you interact with them, even if it’s in the most simple ways. This is why asking questions on your Instagram stories can come in use.

By asking questions you can get feedback on products, your account, and what viewers want. This is even useful to try and connect with your followers on a personal level.

Not every question asked needs to be serious or pertain to your business. Try to ask how your followers are doing and see what responses you get.

Use an Application to Create Flawless Stories

Maybe you’re tired of using a single photo in your story. Maybe you want to bring your followers something different.

Whatever the case, you can create some nice stories using a layout app. A layout application will help you to build colleges, add backgrounds, and edit multiple photos at once.

These applications even limit you to the size of an Instagram story or post. This makes it easy to include all the information you need so you don’t need to crop it later.

Use Polls to Get Answers to Questions

Another great way to interact with your audience is to include polls in your stories. These polls can help you to get great feedback and help your viewers to feel as if they are involved with the decision process.

One poll can be added per photo or posts. If you have multiple questions or polls in mind there’s no harm in posting a few stories that each have a different poll.

These polls can be used to see what your viewers want in a new product, new videos, or even what they want to see in your content. You can even have fun with polls to see where viewers stand on an opinion or what their favorite color is.

Add Links to Promote

One of the best features for an account that is verified with at least 10,000 followers is the ability to add links. When you add a link to an Instagram story the viewer will need to swipe up to be redirected to the page.

You can use links to promote your latest product or blog post. Links can also be used to promote your friends and colleagues.

This is a great way to redirect traffic to your website. Hopefully, every person that wanders to the link will buy your product or service.

Emoji Sliders Are a Great Way to Get Opinions

If you just released a product or service and want to know what your followers think, why not post a story with an emoji slider? Emoji sliders are a great way for viewers to tell you how they feel by rating their feelings on a scale.

To add an emoji slider, go to the stickers menu and scroll to find the slider option. When placing the slider you can select what emoji should be represented. After placing, you’re ready to post and see what feedback followers give.

We all know how long Instagram stories last, 24 hours. With this said, you will have 24 hours to see what your viewers say. This will be represented in the slider by showing you the average answer on the bar.

Use a Countdown

Is a big release day about to come? Are you counting down the days until your big trip? Maybe you’re excited to be speaking at a conference and can’t wait to present!

Any of these situations can be displayed in a countdown timer on your Instagram story. A countdown timer is a great way to create hype around an event or product release for your followers.

Even adding a countdown can help your followers discover events they weren’t aware of before. If they notice a countdown they will most likely look into it and become a new customer.

Instagram Story Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping? Your followers most likely love it because they’re following your account.

To use the shopping on Instagram feature you must have a business profile. After Instagram approves you to use the shopping feature, it’s time to create some cool stories.

To add products to your story you will go about posting your photo or video like a regular story post. You will then select the sticker icon and then tap products. From here you can insert your product information and a direct link to buy.

This will help drive traffic to your business’ website. It will also generate more customers.

Share Stories You’re Tagged in

Sharing stories you’re tagged in will help you to gain more awareness while helping the account that posted you to also gain awareness. This is ideal for personal and business Instagram profiles.

All you have to do is go to the direct message that said you were tagged in another story. Click on the picture and select add to your story.

Use Photos From Your Camera Roll

Sometimes the best Instagram story content is already in your camera roll. Instagram makes it easy to create a story by accessing photos already saved to your phone’s camera roll.

How to post from the camera roll to an Instagram story is to open the camera in the top left-hand corner of the application. When the camera opens select the pictures to the left of the capture button. Your photos will open up, letting you choose which one to include in your story.

Tell a Story With Your Posts

We usually see Instagram stories that are usually random and do not link together. Why not be the user that creates a linear story?

It doesn’t matter how many pictures or videos you post in your story, as long as it tells a complete story from start to finish. These stories can be serious, funny, or creative.

Doing this should boost your follower account and ensure that more people watch your story until the end.

Use a Call to Action

Instagram stories can be used to create a call for action. A call for action is when you motivate or encourage your viewers to take action.

This action can be anything from saving the planet, buying a product, or participating in an event. You have the power to pitch the cause and motivate your viewers to make a change.

Make Your Posts Personal

The Kardashians are some of the most popular social media influencers because they appear to be talking to their audience, not at them. You can also do this by making your posts personal and talking through the camera to your followers.

This will create a level of connection where you can appear to be your follower’s friends. This will leave your viewers feeling special and coming back for more.

Stay Consistent in Your Instagram Story Ideas

Consistency is one of the most important things when it comes to Instagram. Creating consistent posts that look similar helps you to build a brand, to be noticed by anyone, and to stand out from the competition.

You can create stories with the same layouts to help your consistency. You can even have your feed appear consistent to look appealing to the viewer’s eye.

Time to Create Some Instagram Stories

You know what an Instagram story is and we have provided you with great Instagram story ideas. It’s now time to begin creating stories that will boost your follower count.

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